. Message From Saint Germain

Beloved People of the World,

Lots of changes happening right now. Though it may seem that the world is on the verge of being dominated by chaos and its forces, know that things are not what they seem, for there’s a new dawn on the horizon. We ask you not to hesitate to hold your own Light and invoke Light into the world you live in and all its inhabitants.

As you know, we work with you energetically and together we take a firm position, drawing our line in the sand.

Watch the Earth bathed in Violet Light, the violet light of transmutation. Hold on to this picture for as long as possible.

The Legions of Light working with me have already penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere with this energy and it will help tremendously if each of you can anchor it to the Earth’s crystal core during your visualizations, so that the Purple Light begins to work from within. The Earth radiates this light in increasing concentric circles until it reaches the surface of your planet and permeates the atmosphere.

The realm of the Ascended Masters has joined me in this effort and therefore we have the entire team of Heaven working to transmute the chaos that has shown its face in your world.

Join us as anchor workers on Earth, defending the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Together we will eliminate the energies that prevent Earth and Humanity from moving toward their rightful place in the Universe. Invoke the Light, Love and Energy of the Divine Mother to enter the hearts of every person on the planet and ignite the divine spark within each one.

I appreciate your attention. Thank you!

I AM Saint Germain

Isabel Garcia Garcia