Total Control “Social Credit System” In The Works and Coming to America …… Time to Stop This !!!

Back in early April of 2022, I posted about an urban legend brewing on the internet about the “Guardians of the Looking Glass” and an alleged ancient artifact that displays the competing timelines on Earth.

The Looking Glass artifact is said to have foretold of a cosmic “singularity” event in the year 2030, in which two potential timelines would converge and one outcome would result. The negative outcome was dependent on a series of terrible events that would occur from 2022 to 2029.

The first Event was called Event 1, to occur on April 18, 2022. This event, and all others to follow, had to be stopped to prevent the negative event, and instead ensure the positive event converges at the Singularity.

Event 1 was going to be a false flag car bomb explosion in Manhattan on April 18, 2022 but it was evidently stopped, if there’s any truth to this (which I highly doubt). If this plot had succeeded, the Biden regime would have blamed it on Russia and this would have started a nuclear conflagration between both countries.

The second event that needed to be stopped was the May 20, 2022 assassination of Dr. Winston Wu, who was heading up the Raindrop Project, which involved the use of a Quantum computer to disrupt and dismantle the negative European power structure, as well the operations of The Large Hadron Collider, also known as CERN.

I posted this group’s first three videos and wrote a newsletter about all of this and then I promptly stopped paying attention to them until a friend sent me the link to this website on Tuesday, where I found the link to another website and a Rumble account hosting all eight of their videos, of which the most recent (which is over a year old) is embedded on this webpage.

It feels like a cross between a chain letter and Tinker Bell gone bad. You have to participate and believe in it or everyone – including you – will die! Unsurprisingly, it is probably a scam.

Still, the social credit system described sounds very realistic – and of course, the social credit system is very real in Communist China.

The class system described doesn’t sound completely Sci-Fi, in light of the COVID tyranny, the January 6th prosecutions, the Insanely Fake News, the push to make us eat bugs and the completely naked corruption of the elite that we have seen on Hunter Biden’s laptop and in the investigations into COVID and in the Twitter Files and in the relentless propaganda and censorship we now have in the US that was completely unheard-of before 2018.

The piece is interesting, regardless of whether it is a scam or not. It’s thought-provoking and you might get something out of it.


Video #8 from the Guardians of the Looking Glass: “White Hats Blow Whistle On Great Reset Social Score Software”. Originally posted on the youtube channel, “We Are Sovereign”, on July 12, 2022, with the following in their video description:

A former intelligence official who goes by the name of Gideon is representing a group IT professionals, aka white hat hackers, who have come forward to expose new banking and social tracking software being developed.

The software is expected to come online after a “financial reset” and economic collapse. The software, called CSRQ-SM, contains various class categories for the world’s population that greatly restrict freedom, capital and private property, as well as enforce fines and vaccinations.

The IT professionals reached out to Gideon to help disseminate the information. Gideon then contacted close associates, those he considered patriots, to help form a network to release it.

Gideon says protecting his sources is his highest priority because “without them doing this, none of this is possible. They are risking their lives. They are breaking their contracts and security clearances to get this information out. We have a short window of time before this thing turns the planet into a prison. We expect to get hit hard. They will escalate us from a low-level threat to a high one pretty quick. If people don’t support us, we’re finished.”



There’s a new system that’s going to come online. A financial one. In a time of crisis, it will be called the answer. We’re talking about a total collapse of the economy.

They’re going to let everybody suffer for a while. Could be a few months, maybe a year. People will be scared, desperate. Bread lines, gas lines, collapsing dollar.

Cash will go away. Currencies will go away. Trading assets, gone. Crypto, gone. They’ll flip the switch basically overnight, that’s checkmate. No way out of it.

We have the software. We have access. We can see all of it, how it’s done, how it works. It’s a two-tiered system. One for me and you, and one for them. They will actually get richer from all of this. Much richer.

We can see inside the software, we can see that there are sections for deductions, privileges, social data and this new currency, the USDR.

We can see in real time they are moving crypto, cash, bonds into this new digital currency. So, the elites get to do this but the average person won’t get that chance.

We see inflows. We see money coming in. They are getting very favorable conversion rates of 1:41 and 1:42, it varies around there.

What they are going to offer as a solution is a type of guaranteed income per month, but not a lot. There will be a social credit score tied to it. If you misbehave, there goes your money. Now what? Their AI and modeling shows people will comply.

We see these different classes, Class C, Class, S, Class R, Class Q. [Inaudible] very restrictive.

The celebrities, the media, the government, they are all Class S or Sovereign. They have no restrictions, no vax requirement, unlimited asset and capital ownership, no sections for fines like other classes.


BIOMETRIC ID:                     87DHJL7003-402
USDR BALANCE:                  $470,072,878.53
ACCOUNT TYPE:                   SOVEREIGN (S)
ACCOUNT LIMITS:              NO
ASSET LIMITS:                      NO
CARBON SCORE:                  EXEMPT

The whole thing is so much like the pandemic. Stir up the fear, put people in a tough position, then offer the solution. This is a rinse and repeat of that. But we’re seeing something diffrent here, very disturbing.

With the vaccines, they sort of gave you a choice. With this, we’re not seeing a choice at all. You can’t opt out of this currency system at all. It also requires vaccination, too.

If you don’t like how there are special classes you’re not in, what are you going to do? If you protest or so much as make a peep online, then boom, they take $50, $100 out of your limited bank account instantly.

It will al be tracked and monitored. No escape. Everyone will talk about their social credit score the way we talk about sports or celebrity gossip now. It will be the central feature of your identity. That’s what they want.

You will be Class C, Common, Class R, Restricted, or worst of all, Class Q, Quarantined. No cash, no assets, no freedom of speech, and you will have a vaccination requirement.

It’s interesting they use the word Sovereign. That feels like our word and they took it from us. That’s the class you want to be in, the one that offers all the freedom.

There won’t be a single Patriot with a Class S designation. Not a single one. That leaves us powerless when this goes online. They know that. So we either act now or we will be fined, punished and eventually be eliminated.

They know who you are, who you voted for, where you live, how many guns you have, how much food you bought, everything you posted online. And that’s why you’re going to be Class R, Restricted or worst of all, Class Q, Quarantined.

What they don’t want can’t happen in a time of relative prosperity or during a recession. They need a collapse, and it’s coming and the groundwork is being laid right now. They literally had to take a break from COVID because all the resources are going into this.

The truth is, and I think people instinctively know this, is that canned beans and guns won’t save you. The bad guys are too powerful. They have tanks, Apache helicopters and willing foreign troops who will bulldoze your homestead.

What’s hopeful is that my guys are exploring how to delete your social and voting data and move you into the Sovereign Class. We already tested this and it worked.

I found out I was Common Class, despite my years of service to the country. That pissed me off. They were going to move me to the Sovereign Class, so I’m going to be OK.

Then we did this for all the people in our network. It worked. It just comes down to deleting your data and resetting it or spoofing it. An example would be, change your voting history from Republican to Democratic.

I’m not saying everything I know, either. That will come in time. We have to put this out there, then we weed out all the paid agents and shills who will try to infiltrate us. Once we get rid of them, I’ll reveal the rest.

When I say “the rest” I want you to think about what it would mean to have access to these accounts, who we might have found and who is a Sovereign. Imagine. Sure, Gates, Klaus are in there but imagine who else we found.

I haven’t even talked about the food changes. They are serious about you eating bugs, the problem is lots of people are allergic to chitin, a polymer bugs have but a lot of other foods don’t. Lots will die, they don’t care.

There’s no way to stop what’s coming. The collapse will happen. The economy will crater. It will be catastrophic. Then this system will come online. There will be no way out of it.

They want any excuse to exterminate people. So if you’re not a Sovereign, they are going to let all your fines and violations build up until you finally break and they can take you away.

There’s a network of us all working together. It’s Bill, it’s me, it’s the White Hat guys, who are key to this. It’s Dark Dayz, it’s the Order of Men, it’s more. And we have a plan.

Bill at Oculum Labs is in charge of some of it and we’ve handed off responsibilities to different parties. We think this plan can work. It’s going to depend on the White Hat guys helping us, and your support


Contributed by Alexandra Bruce