23.11.06 – False Flag Prevented

White Hats this week prevented the Deep State from staging a False Flag attack that could have injured or killed thousands of spectators at the World Series champion’s Texas Rangers parade in Arlington, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told R e a l R a w N e w s ……… more

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. The Second Coming of The Christ [Consciousness] (Lord Jesus / Sananda)

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in these very perplexing times that you are in at this point.

How so many of you over the many thousands of years, many thousands of lifetimes you have had, you have succumbed to the programming, just like everyone else has. But deep down within each and every one of you, you have a knowing. You have a spirit that needs to break free. And that is what is happening now: you are breaking free. Your spirit, your soul is breaking free now, breaking free of the ties and the binds that have held you down for so many lifetimes. But no longer. Because the old programming is fading away more and more ……….. more

. New York Attorney Letitia James Arrested

United States Navy JAG investigators on Tuesday arrested New York Attorney General Letitia James of treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors following an investigation that began shortly after she and her criminal associates filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Trump Organization, a JAG source told R e a l R a w N e w s ….. more

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. Full Disclosure Would Accelerate the Process of Awakening

Nov 3, 2023

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak,

I am Kejraj.The full disclosure on the existence of benevolent extraterrestrials and their presence in your skies would expand the human collective consciousness in a positive way in a matter of hours, and accelerate the process of awakening.

It is precisely this which the dark ones do not want, for this would accelerate the shift even more. While the dark’s plans and their very existence would vanish from your reality. You would begin to see a new world manifest in real time within weeks.

Your friends and family from the stars are with you. It is time to let go of the fear from demonic entities for they simply do not posses the power that those who still abide by religious doctrine give them. Your skies and planet Earth are being guarded and monitored by beings of light, who are in service to the true Divine Radiant Creator.

Were it not for their intervention and presence, your world would be swept by wars worse than prior times. However, the opposite is happening now. For there is a great opportunity, a higher light being offered to humanity at this time.We ask that you remain open to receiving this higher light, and work on integrating it in your being, as you feel your Heart’s energy field expand, leaving no room for fear and worry, as new truths come your way, which are to propel you into a new reality.

Breathe, breathe deeply, and feel the changes within you, prepare to see them manifest in the outer world as well. You are now waking up from the nightmare, rising like the phoenix, into a new world of light, love, peace, unity with all.


art by https://www.artstation.com/artwork/blbyEd

. 23.11.03 – Father / Mother ADONAI, Zionism Unmasked, Reflections, The Third Temple

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. Father Mother ADONAI – We Take Over Total Governance of The Planet

Nov 3, 2023

Greetings Emanuel and Pastor,

I am your Father and Mother Adonai Nebadon Nebadonia. This morning I wanted to stop by to say hi and bless them, to give them all my love and support. I want to bring you great news this morning. They saw how I sat on a Throne which symbolizes absolute protection and direction.

We are taking control, protecting and directing the planet.Most deviating beings, who got in the way of the plan. The great brains that have been behind this entire network of evil, malevolent control of the planet have already been expelled from the influences of human minds and consciences.There is no more control of these forces on the planet.

We can already uproot, dismantle, first, the great electromagnetic mesh had already been dismantled, but it must be uprooted, disconnected, first of all, from human minds and consciences. What I take this opportunity to call for reflection to all my children of the planet, to wake up and stop being dominated by control, because that is all that is left in your minds and hearts. Because already, like I said, he’s breaking apart, he’s managed to separate himself from all this new scaffolding, all this New Earth, all that old control matrix.Point by point, we have recovered every area, every place, systems, of the new and old matrix of dark forces on your planet, from those wrong children.

Now, as I said and repeat, all you need is to do is unprogramming and unplug from your minds all those programs these forces have installed in your minds, in many of you.Will you say Mom Dad what will we start? In front of all my loved ones, they root out fear, fear because when they feel like they’re going to give up on something, the first thing they feel is fear. The fear of not living according to what is known and the great majority lives in the clutches of materialism, in the cluthes of dictations of the matrix, fashion, social commitments, customs. I’m not saying don’t keep habits, but habits that are good for the soul that are for your inner and spiritual growth.Get rid of all that, that offers them appetizing dishes because of speed, food, food, I would call them poisoned, because everything they produce in the big malls, food they call garbage, it all comes with a big poison. I call it poison because it damages the body and its functioning system.

Get rid of all the addictions that the old matrix instilled in you. Get rid of addictions, alcohol, cigarettes, all those addictions, substances, drugs and all those substances that only harm your physical body, so as not to allow them to advance in their configuration as bodies of light, as bodies of Avatar on Earth.Get rid of the pharmaceutical drugs, all those substances, all those amounts of chemicals, that you’ve been taught to remove from the slightest headache, as they call it, the smallest stomach ache, to the most serious illnesses. For everything there is a natural component, which nature offers them.

This is my beloved and others, the need to own and possess, to have money as if money were the great panacea of the world and they forget to cultivate the heart, spirit, love, peace, they live sometimes, like demons between wings, because money does not achieve, because they work and work and money don’t make them happy, money doesn’t match the expectations of the lifestyles you wish to live due to the imposition of the matrix. They owe themselves and owe themselves with credit cards, with loans and with the thousand traps that the financial system of the matrix sets for them to fall, they owe themselves, so they live in debt and it leaves peace for their souls, in their hearts.

Beloved, from this and so many other programs that put them in the cinema, in those movies that Hollywood puts on to fix behaviors, to implant them, because that’s what they do, implant their minds. They put them in alien invasion situations, something further from the truth, beloved, because the brothers of peace, light, love come to help and not to invade and have been helping mankind for thousands and millions of years, this is no exception.We know that there have been civilizations that implanted themselves, hybridized, looking for genetics, how to reproduce in them, as reptilian genetics most of all and cannot be reproduced, because these genetics are for warm-blooded beings. But they tried a thousand ways and failed.

Take these codes that Father Mother Adonai put on all srus children of light and love. Alright my beloved children I wouldn’t end up defying situations that mother’s put on you. I’m just telling you dears all these network, matrix level situations have been completely liberated, you just need to unprogram them individually.

They don’t pick up any of these installed programs anymore, they start working on the New Consciousness, the New Light, Love Programs. Beloved Sons, they are working in the New Earth, that is why I am already taking control of this whole plan that we fortunately can oust all those controllers of office, that they have had for times, decades, eras, thousands and millions. of years.

Cheers to the New AgeLive to New Energy, live in infinite love, Inner of you for All and of All for you. Empower each one, as I am strengthening myself today from this planet that was in the clutches of the forces of darkness, of my deviating children, who are now being released into the Light, into the Universe of Light of Father Mother Adonai.

Deprogram and live the new experience of new energies, because we are already in the New Time.Beloved children, and do not worry about what is coming, because everything is calculated to serve everyone and to plan as it should be. Always in harmony and in Divine Order, for the good of all humanity and all the children of Father Mother Adonai in Infinite Light.

I love and bless you all. Follow the path of light and unprogram my beloved children. They release, redefine those thoughts, those habits. Install new software but light of loveI bid farewell,

I am Father Mother Adonai, Nebadon, Nebadonia.

Emmanuel and Pastor – Service Holy Mountain of ERKS 11/02/2019

Ishtar Ashtar Adonai

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. 23.11.02 – The WHO, The Khazarian Mafia, Mathew Ward Timely Message, Forces of Light Victory

Nov 2, 2023

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. The Definitive Victory Of The Forces Of Light

Saint Germain


I am Saint Germain

Dear friends

It is with immense joy that I announce to you the definitive victory of the forces of Light.

The movie is over.

The darkness is being removed from the planet.

The theater can no longer continue covering the sleeping with illusion.

Lies and deception find no refuge in reality.

Everything is progressing according to plan.

And the few who remain to be arrested no longer have anywhere to hide.

As I have announced in previous communications, the redemption began and continues in silence.

We don’t want to alert the enemy.

Additionally, they all have signed non-disclosure contracts.

They can’t speak.

We know that waiting leaves many impatient, but it is a matter of security.

And it’s more of a falling domino.

Furthermore, all religions are under suspicion and will equally fall.

One by one.

Only spirituality remains, which will be Universal.

The official announcement of NESARA GESARA is not long in coming.

And that will be the initial framework of the new golden era of peace, love and abundance for all citizens of that planet.

The low vibrations definitively leave that quadrant of the Universe.

The high vibrations of the Fifth 5D Dimension will reign, which will be maintained by all those who, at the soul level, have decided to stay to build the new Earth.

Unite in the vibration of love!

You can now celebrate the Victory of the Light!

I am your brother Saint Germain.

That he loves you unconditionally.

I am Saint Germain