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Nov 2, 2023

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. The Definitive Victory Of The Forces Of Light

Saint Germain


I am Saint Germain

Dear friends

It is with immense joy that I announce to you the definitive victory of the forces of Light.

The movie is over.

The darkness is being removed from the planet.

The theater can no longer continue covering the sleeping with illusion.

Lies and deception find no refuge in reality.

Everything is progressing according to plan.

And the few who remain to be arrested no longer have anywhere to hide.

As I have announced in previous communications, the redemption began and continues in silence.

We don’t want to alert the enemy.

Additionally, they all have signed non-disclosure contracts.

They can’t speak.

We know that waiting leaves many impatient, but it is a matter of security.

And it’s more of a falling domino.

Furthermore, all religions are under suspicion and will equally fall.

One by one.

Only spirituality remains, which will be Universal.

The official announcement of NESARA GESARA is not long in coming.

And that will be the initial framework of the new golden era of peace, love and abundance for all citizens of that planet.

The low vibrations definitively leave that quadrant of the Universe.

The high vibrations of the Fifth 5D Dimension will reign, which will be maintained by all those who, at the soul level, have decided to stay to build the new Earth.

Unite in the vibration of love!

You can now celebrate the Victory of the Light!

I am your brother Saint Germain.

That he loves you unconditionally.

I am Saint Germain