. Good News Friday: May 27/2022 by Sidney Powell

MAY 27, 2022

Good News Friday

Dear Patriots,

We are broken hearted over the terrible shooting this week in Texas. It casts a pall on anything that might be good news this week.

We hope that this event will open up deeper conversations on the mental health of our young adults, who have been horribly treated by many aspects of our society, and who need help.

We pray for comfort and strength for all the loved ones of the victims and all those traumatized by being part of the tragedy.

There has been progress on several other issues in the past week.

1- Sens. Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson, and 12 other Republicans have introduced a bill designed to protect military service members from punishment for declining the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Allowing Military Exemptions, Recognizing Individual Concerns About New Shots (AMERICANS) Act of 2022 is designed to counter the Biden administration’s efforts to coerce and punish Armed Forces personnel who do not want or need the vaccination, which has proven largely ineffective at preventing infection, transmission or illness from Covid. The bill also includes additional accountability measures to increase transparency.

Senator Ted Cruz 

Sen. Cruz Defends Service Members From Vaccine Punishment

QUOTE: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and 13 of his colleagues have introduced the Allowing Military Exemptions, Recognizing Individual Concerns About New Shots (AMERICANS) Act of 2022. The legislation counters the Biden administration’s efforts to coerce and punish service members who decline the COVID-19 vaccine, and introduces accountability measures in response to DOD efforts to undermine transparency.

This bill would require the Secretary of Defense to make every effort to retain unvaccinated service members, strengthen language to ensure service members receive discharge classifications commensurate with their record of service, require the Department of Defense to report the number and type of COVID-19 vaccine religious exemptions that have been denied, and create an exemption from COVID-19 vaccine requirements for service members with natural immunity. The act would also protect service academy students and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) members in the same way.

2- These are brave people going against their own military which has grievously injected, through force, untested, unapproved, and unsuccessful substances into our service members.

The Gateway Pundit  

Over 500 Military Service Members Sue the Government for Mandating a Vaccine that Was Not FDA Approved and Should Not Have Been Administered

QUOTE: Around 520 military service members filed a suit on Monday against the government.  Their primary argument is that the vaccine mandate is illegal because there is no approved vaccine available in the US. This means that approximately 55% ( amount vaccinated since the August 23, 2021 mandate from the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) ) of the military have been vaccinated illegally and under duress.

This case comes after last week’s ruling where a Navy Officer was found innocent of wrongdoing when he didn’t take the COVID vaccine.  The Officer in the case, LT Bill Moseley, claimed he had the duty to not take the vaccine since the one administered by the military was not approved by the FDA.

3- The treatment of the January 6 political prisoners remains a terrible situation. The good news is that we are getting some video footage that proves what a nightmare our government has forced on American citizens.NOTE:DefendingTheRepublic.org is defending as many of these prisoners as we can and providing defenses for others. Please sign up for a monthly contribution to help us help them. The costs of a real criminal defense are very high. The government continues to hide exculpatory evidence and treat them horribly, as we now see in these leaked videos.

The Gateway Pundit  

EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Secret Video Recordings LEAKED from Inside “The Hole” of DC Gitmo — First Footage Ever Released of Cockroach and Mold Infested Cell of J6 Political Prisoner

QUOTE: Secret video recordings have been leaked exclusively to The Gateway Pundit from deep within the walls of the DC Gulag. See the series of eight videos below.

This filthy facility is notorious for inhumane and torturous conditions. It is where many Political Prisoners from January 6th are being unconstitutionally detained by the United States Government pre-trail.

No outside witnesses, visitors or journalists are allowed to visit the insides of DC Jail where the J6 Political Prisoners are being held. Even United States Legislators have been turned away by the warden. There is no recording allowed at the jail. Therefore, no footage of this type exists in the world that documents the plight of the American Political Prisoners of The Biden Regime.

Fellows is facing up to twenty years in prison if convicted. There will more than likely be legal ramifications directed towards Fellows when the Regime learns of these videos.

“These J6er’s are second class citizens at DC Jail,” said Tina Ryan of Citizen’s Against Political Persecution. “They don’t have the option to use the jail facilities like the other prisoners do- including the convicted murderers and rapists. Because they are Trump supporters they are being treated worse than men that have been convicted for murder.”

After a year of getting to know many of the January 6th political prisoners, it is worth noting that many of these men remain strong and unbroken. It is a privilege to get to know them and serve as a first hand witness to the strength of mind, willpower and God that keeps them whole.

4- The power of the people still exists!


State Farm Exec Apologizes to Angry Agents, Says ‘We Made a Mistake With Our Involvement’ With GenderCool

QUOTE: State Farm agents across the country fielded angry phone calls on Monday from customers who were either threatening to cancel their policies or who flat-out canceled them after hearing news that the company had partnered with The GenderCool Project to donate books regarding transgenderism and gender fluidity to schools in order to “increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, empowering, and important conversations with children Age 5+.”

By the close of business Monday, after the CEO reportedly heard from more than 2,000 independent State Farm agents nationwide (and probably a flood of customers), the company announced that it was ending its partnership with The GenderCool Project, as RedState first reported.

5- More on the corporations who used to be involved with groomers.

Don Surber  

10 others join State Farm in dumping LGBT groomers

QUOTE: And then there were 13. When the week began, GenderCool had 23 corporate sponsors who funded the purchase of LGBT-friendly books and materials for kindergarteners and other kids in public schools.

As of this afternoon, there are 13. State Farm was the first. It was outed on Monday. An uproar ensued and forced the SJWs running the company to act like a good neighbor instead of the neighborhood pervert.

WGLT reported, “State Farm has ended its partnership with a nonprofit organization that promotes LGBTQ education for children.”The Bloomington-based insurer dropped its support of Chicago-based GenderCool after receiving backlash.

6- DeSantis decisions and management are reaping big rewards.

New York Post  

Florida shatters record for international tourism market share

QUOTE: Florida shattered the record for the state with the highest share of international tourism in 2021, eclipsing the prior mark set by New York back in 2011, officials said Friday.

Roughly 45% of all international visitors to America last year touched down in the Sunshine State, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced at a press conference.

DeSantis said that trampled the previous record of 34% set by New York in 2011.

He attributed Florida’s tourism surge to the absence of restrictive COVID-19 measures that suppressed recreation.

“One of the reasons why we’ve done so well is because people can come here and you can go where you want, do what you want,” he said. “You’re not going to get shaken down for medical papers at a restaurant.”

7- We have a dream…that someday, a conservative is again elected Los Angeles, California.

National Review 

Rick Caruso’s Campaign Is a Sign America’s Political Ground Is Shifting

QUOTE: While most of the U.S. political world is focused on Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Senate primary, let’s shift our attention to the West Coast, where Los Angeles — about as deep-blue a city as you’re going to find in this country — may be close to electing a new mayor who was a Republican until 2012, sits on the board of the Reagan Foundation, and not only opposes “defund the police” but urges the public “to show our support for them with respect and gratitude.” The political ground is shifting beneath our feet, and Rick Caruso’s upstart bid for L.A. mayor is an under-recognized indicator of that shift.

Just how wild will this year’s midterm elections turn out to be? The most right-of-center option in the Los Angeles mayor’s race, billionaire developer Rick Caruso, could well end up winning and is ahead by one percentage point in the most recent poll.

Caruso is on the board of trustees for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. In addition to playing a big roll in his own family’s charitable foundation, he has served on various governing boards for the University of Southern California, Pepperdine School of Law, Loyola High School, and St. John’s Hospital. He endowed the USC Caruso Department of Otolaryngology at the Keck School of Medicine, as well as the USC Catholic Center.

In April 2020, President Trump appointed Caruso to his “Great American Economic Revival Industry Groups Task Force Committee,” a task force aiming to mitigate the economic impact of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. A few days later, California governor Gavin Newsom appointed Caruso to his own “Business & Jobs Recovery Task Force.”

8- There is no good news for Obama-controlled Netflix. That is good news for those working against the left’s most prolific propaganda factory.


Woke Netflix Shares Drop 7%

QUOTE: Netflix just got more bad news.  The company shares dropped 7% over subscriber data.

From Breitbart: Netflix shares fell more than seven percent on Wednesday as the streamer faced more bad news about its subscriber outlook, including a new study showing that long-term Netflix customers are abandoning it in significantly larger numbers.Wednesday’s losses mean Netflix shares are off a staggering 70 percent for the year so far.

President Donald Trump is planning a streaming service to take on Netflix.

We will be taking Memorial Day off to remember and mourn those who served our country and died for our freedoms.

It is more than a three day holiday.  It is a solemn remembrance of the cost of freedom. It is a deeply personal day for those who have lost loved ones while serving.

One way to show your respect and honor the dead is to display your American flag at half-staff until noon, then raise you flag full-staff until sundown.


Hold Fast,

Defending The Republic

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. Scientists have achieved a breakthrough in data teleportation using “quantum internet”

Karthik Mudaliar @heykarthikm · May 25, 2022 14:02 EDT · HOT!13

A Quantum Computer by Microsoft

Ever watched a sci-fi movie where a person gets teleported to another place almost instantly? It seems like we are one step closer to making that happen, at least with data. Scientists have now created a way to transfer data through something called ‘qubit teleportation’. This allows the free flow of data without passing through a conductive material, for example, a fiber optic cable.

In a paper published in the science journal Nature, a team of physicists from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands explained how they made a breakthrough in qubit teleportation.

We can say that quantum computers have been there some time now. In fact, Google has also achieved ‘quantum supremacy’ by doing an experiment on a quantum computer that is impossible on a traditional one. But quantum computers cannot reach their full potential without the magical powers of qubit teleportation, or the ‘quantum internet’.

Quantum computers are fundamentally different from traditional computers. Just like a normal computer stores data in bits, a qubit is the basic measuring unit for quantum computers. However, this is where the similarity ends.

A binary bit is a boolean data type. This means that it can only have either zero as its value or one. A qubit, on the other hand, can have both the values at the same time. This is similar to how a coin behaves when it is tossed up – it has the values of both ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ at the same time before finally landing. A qubit can thus store substantially more information than a traditional bit. This means a single qubit can store two values, three qubits can store eight, four qubits can store 16 values and so on. As the number of qubits grow, the information they can store exponentially increases.

The physicists teleported data between three nodes. Previously, this was possible only between two. With this experiment, the scientists have indicated that qubit teleportation can be achieved between multiple sites. “We are now building small quantum networks in the lab,” said Ronald Hanson, the Delft physicist who oversees the team. “But the idea is to eventually build a quantum internet.”

Tracy Eleanor Northup, a researcher at the University of Innsbruck’s Institute for Experimental Physics who is also exploring quantum teleportation, said:

“This not only means that the quantum computer can solve your problem but also that it does not know what the problem is. It does not work that way today. Google knows what you are running on its servers.”

A quantum computer is able to generate a qubit because of the strange way particles behave when they are very small, like an electron or a light particle, or very cold, like an exotic metal cooled to nearly absolute zero kelvin (or -273.15°C and -459.67 °F).

Researchers believe that quantum computers can potentially speed up the development of new medicines, power advances in artificial intelligence and could even be used to create even more secure encryption technologies.

Since there is no conductive material between any nodes, quantum internet allows a reliable transfer between nodes even in the presence of highly lossy network connections, but without losing any actual data.

The way this works is by the quantum property of ‘entanglement’. A change in the state of one quantum system instantaneously changes the other distant quantum system that is entangled. “After entanglement, you can no longer describe these states individually,” Dr. Northup said. “Fundamentally, it is now one system.”

Alice the receiver of the teleported quantum information
Alice, the receiver of the teleported quantum information. Credits: Marieke de Lorijn for QuTech.

Dr. Hanson and his team used a nitrogen vacancy system. This is a tiny empty space in a synthetic diamond that can be used to trap electrons. The team built three of such systems – named Alice, Bob, and Charlie. The researchers first entangled two electrons belonging to Alice and Bob by sending individual photons (particles of light) to them. Both the electrons were given the same spin and thus, entangled them.

The researchers then transferred the state of the electron to a carbon nucleus inside Bob’s synthetic diamond. This freed up Bob’s electron using which they could entangle Charlie as well. By doing a quantum procedure, the researchers glued the two entanglements together – Alice and Bob with Bob and Charlie.

eleporting a qubit between non-neighbouring nodes of a quantum network

This allowed data to be directly teleported from Alice to Charlie since they were now entangled with each other. When data travels using qubit teleportation, it cannot be lost or even hampered with. This could potentially allow a theoretical level of encryption that would be impossible to decrypt.

Although the teleportation occurred between a mere distance of about 60 feet, scientists are hopeful that this can be done between many miles. Eventually, it could create a new network of quantum computers or quantum internet that is highly secure, safe and reliable.

Source: Nature via: Qutech

. “Let’s Play a Game” by Ron Giles – 5.9.21

11.05.2021 21:17 Ron Giles | Financial SystemThe game I’d like to play is called Whack-a-Banker. To play this game we will use the Quantum Consciousness, which some inaccurately call a computer and the Quantum Financial System. (QFS)

Background of how the Game is Played

The QFS uses digital Gold-backed Certificates. A gold-backed Certificate is a block or bundle of Data that acts as an increment of currency. The data refers back to a Serial number on a Kilo of Gold used to back that increment of currency – thus Gold-Backed currency. This is nothing new, we’ve talked about this before.

The gold that is used to back the currency is already in place. It is hidden in a series of 4-5 Gold Bullion vaults placed throughout the world in strategic locations. Any new gold used to back more currency will be melted down and given similar ascending serial numbers that fit into the library system used in the vaults.

The digital gold certificates are already established but remain in an inactive status until there is a transaction that changes them to an active usable status. The redemption of Zim is a transaction where we redeem our Zim and the funds are put into our QFS accounts. Again, it is in the form of a digital gold certificate.  So the funds put in our account are activated digital gold certificates. It is live currency, capable of being used for a financial transaction.

In the QFS a transaction occurs when an individual owner of the QFS account transfers money to another QFS account in payment for a financial transaction. It acts like real currency because it can be used to purchase things, but it is only digital gold certificates that are being transferred digitally, from one account to another. Picture in your mind, if you can, a Quadringentillion (1200 zeros) of digital gold certificates available to be transferred to purchase anything you could ever purchase. Then multiply that by another Quadringentillion (= 1,440,00 Zeroes) and you might get close to how many digital gold certificates are available to be activated.

So how do we play this game of Whack-a-Banker?

Testing, testing, one two three.

The earthlings in charge of the QFS think they need to test the QFS to be sure that all transfers are accounted for and the whole system of debits and credits is balanced each time a transfer takes place in a mere nanosecond. So it is necessary to “Activate” digital gold certificates to test the system with a “dry” run. But in a dry run, the Digital gold certificates are not tied to actual money, it is just a test. Many tests have taken place, so now it is time to test the system with real funds attached to the digital gold certificates. The digital gold certificates do not really represent real currency but it acts like. This begins the Sting operation for the unknowing supposedly White Hat Bankers. HMMM.

Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes and others Truthers are correct in that the QFS is activated and has been for some time. The problem for those who don’t know the difference between the use of active and inactive gold certificates for a dry run leaves the QFS open for this game or sting to be played.

Many thousands of “Trusted” White Hat bankers have been assembled to test the system. They are told that for this test, the digital gold certificates are activated with real money and without the full system of checks and balances in place. They are told there are two hundred trillion dollars in actual funds that have been given to the QFS to test the reliability of the system. This 200 trillion has been confiscated by the US Treasury Department for illegal activity. Now it can be used to test the QFS. But again, without the system of checks and balances in place as normal because they are white hats and they wouldn’t cheat and try to steal the funds. HMMM. Why would they try to steal some money? Won’t they get caught if they did? They have been testing the system without activated gold certificates for a long time and it has worked perfectly. This time it’s real money, so they think.(thought)

So the QFS team (not Scientists) let out information to the banker White Hats that the QFS will be activated with real funds represented by digital Gold Certificates for a live test run. Let’s say they have ten thousand white hat bankers and have divided 200 Trillion dollars amongst them to trade back and forth with each other to see if the system is performing properly. That’s 20 Billion dollars each. The QFS doesn’t do the normal bank trading way which uses a Ping to see if the money is in the trading account for bank trading. This time the bankers will actually transfer these funds back and forth with digital gold certificates being transferred into different accounts. Each banker has set up accounts that can be used for the transfers and shared the account numbers to each other to test the transfer system. These bankers do not comprehend the Divine Consciousness that houses the QFS. They did not get the memo, they still think it is man-made and can somehow be compromised. That is why it needs testing, so they thought.

The public word goes out from Charlie and Simon and a few others truthers that the QFS is now active worldwide, and the banks worldwide have become a part of the QFS with their own connections to the QFS. Each bank received a pin code so they can have live access to the QFS. The Cabal is on this and sends out this information to those double-agent White Hat bankers to steal the funds anyway they can; the trap is now set. This is sorta like what President Trump did to Whack the Moles in his organization.

The go button is pushed and the bankers start transferring funds. Then for some reason, the call goes out that the system has an error and is not tracking the funds to where they went. The QFS will be shutting down the transfers in three minutes to find out where the problem is. This is the green light the double agent moles have been waiting for.

The 3 minute recess gives the double agent White Hat bankers time to set up new accounts and transfer money to them unaccounted for and no way to track where the funds went or where they are. Their activities can not be traced so they begin to do what they normally do and that is to steal the money when they think they can get away with it.

The Sting Revealed

In reality the QFS system of security and balance can never be compromised and has always worked perfectly ; would expect anything less of a Divine Consciousness Creation? The digital gold certificates were activated for this test, yes, but without funds attached to them as the White Hat bankers think. The QFS is publicly announced to be activated and the bankers think they are part of the new financial system, but they are not. This has been their thinking for eight or ten months now. Below the surface, the Quantum Divine Consciousness that many refer to as the Quantum Computer has silently taken over the entire Central Banking System. It completes the transfer and fulfills all the computer commands from the bankers as they think they are in charge of their banking computers.The SWIFT system was tampered with and the bankers did not figure it out for a long time as the transfers were rerouted by the Quantum Consciousness to the intended accounts. The tremendous loss of income was huge as this SWIFT source of trading was 86% of their total income. Talk about frustrated bankers worldwide, they have no business-as-usual control over their own computer system. Being real smart, the bankers have figured this out themselves. A knock on their door has also helped them understand why their business is over. This is the Sting beneath the surface and is part of the QFS sting we have been talking about.

The double agent White Hat Bankers have received the Whack. More than four thousand and six hundred double agent White Hats got their “go straight to jail” cards and not one of them got to pass “go” in this Monopoly Game they were playing. They were all arrested. This operation has affected every aspect of Cabal Society including money laundering and paying off bribes and other illegal Political activities. The Cabal and the Deep State have nowhere to turn and no money they can control and they know this. They can give up or just die a very slow painful death in bankruptcy. They have been walled up and the walls are slowly moving in on them as we speak. Not many of them are sleeping anymore. They are wide awake and many have been scared to death, literally. They under-estimated the full Divine Power that has been unleashed on them.

The patriots are waiting until critical mass has been reached of sleepers waking up. I’ve heard it needs to be 60 % before they will make their move. We are at 56% and climbing to reach critical mass and then the dominoes will begin to fall. This tumbling affect of dominoes does not take long, so once the first domino falls the rest will follow, soon if not immediately after.

Sting operations take time to plan and execute and this one has taken years in the making. With the ascended Masters like Buddha, Mohamad, Allah, Yeshua, and many many more, our success is already assured. There may be some collateral damage but it will be minimal. We need to keep the Military, the Alliance, the White Hats with their boots on the ground, our real President, Donald J Trump, Charlie and Simon, and a long list of others as well, in our prayers. Send forth our Gratitude and love to them for all the work they are doing, so that they may always come home to their families as they fulfill their Divine Callings. The Divine is on the move and nothing can stop this force. It has been decreed, and so it will become our reality. We get to win this war that most don’t even know existed. I decree that all lightworkers are kept beneath the Divine Umbrella of Protection as we go through the Storm together. We may not even get wet.
Leave it in God’s hands, He’s got this.

Keeping the light on

Ron Giles