Finish On Upper Earth

The journey continues – your journey to the edge of time and the access into God’s infinity. I am ADAMA OF TELOS, tour guide for humanity and companion to all those who set out to let go of the transient and put on the robe of immortality. Beloved human being in God’s hand, even a long journey comes to an end, and there comes a point when all the profound experiences have been lived through. Everything on Upper Earth is brought to a finish. The planet is getting closer to the light, and humanity is getting closer to God. Many however – actually most – remain insusceptible to the miracle that is happening right now. It is the miracle of growing consciousness happening in more and more people now – and yet, most people don’t pick up on it, are unable to realize it – to be aware of the “reality” of it. So these people hold on to their old robes and continue to wander about their old paths. We from the realms of Inner Earth observe this with vigilance and deep love. We bow to all human beings, provide help and support, so that as many as possible become capable of turning around and redirecting their lives. Because the day that brings those big changes is close – very close. What am I talking about in this transmission?

The axis of the earth is being realigned, meaning that it is repositioned in relation to the central sun. This will cause further shifts of the earth’s axis. What it takes for that to happen is a “magnetic event”, a force that will bring about this rather big shift that is due now. For eons, in every galaxy, this is caused by a “traveling” planet. It occurs because the planet gets very close to or even touches planet earth. The force unleashed by that sets everything we have been waiting for all this time in motion. This is a process that, at interfaces in time, keeps repeating itself whenever planets enter into a higher dimension. So don’t be afraid! In fact, the truth is that all human beings who are internally ready will be at the right place when that day comes. Because even when mountains sink and seas rise, the possibilities for protection are endless. So rest assured that this shift is neither the end of your life nor the end of all life on earth – to the contrary, it is the beginning of the new era. It is important that you stay fully centered. Everybody is taken care of, and please be aware: Every individual has chosen a different experience, and every individual has their personal way of getting closer to their own mastery.

So don’t ever be afraid!  Because when the sky opens, it opens for you and for all those who are prepared to leave everything behind. Your work on Upper earth will be done, because at that point you should let God rule and his angels operate. Those are the days we have long prepared for in Agartha.  That’s when our presence on Upper Earth will become evident to you – you will recognize us and you will be recognized. Great twists and miracles will be bestowed upon you, because nobody who is facing the light and has longingly been striving for salvation will be forgotten. During the time of purgation and modification you will be taken care of – both physically and metaphysically – if it is your mission to remain on Upper Earth as a human being after the shifts have happened. In an all-encompassing way, everything and everyone is provided for. So don’t ever worry! What needs to be done now is prepare you by expanding your consciousness. Day by day, keep weaving the new robe of light – weave until it is finished.

ENDLESS JOURNEY Seeing the obvious, perceiving the obscure, giving yourself over to the all-embracing divine spirit – humbly – which means digging courageously for what operates inside you and what’s outside of you. This journey knows no end, because what’s earthly perishes in an instant, while the spirit that is immanent in everything, is immortal and everlasting. We are here for you when you need us the most. Count on it, and count on your own strength, your own courage and your capability for awareness and realization. Then everything is ready for the day that is about to come, the day that the earth is touched by the magnetic field of the “travelling” planet in order to be lifted into a new position in relation to the center of all being. During this time you are carried and guided by God’s messengers. Today you are invited to become light, so that when the day comes you can be carried.


Coronavirus Comes from a Meat Market–Go Veggie

Coronavirus comes from the Wuhan Market in China where people can buy practically any kind of live animal they desire to eat. You can even buy a live peacock, Lord Krishna’s favorite bird, to take home, kill and eat. It is such a sinful place where so many thousands of innocent animals are being treated so cruelly. Because our sinful world allows such horrible sinful things to go on we are now suffering from the coronavirus disease, which is causing great hardship and turmoil throughout our entire global civilization. It is a karmic reaction well deserved. It’s time that everyone learns the lesson that we should stop torturing the innocent animals.

Unfortunately our government leaders do not understand this, and they are thus turning our world into more and more of a hell. It is time now in this great hour of need for the Krishna consciousness to take the world by storm by educating everyone how to create a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere on this planet. We can now guide the whole world how to become peaceful and happy if they will only listen to us. May that day come soon. May that day come real soon!

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