. All Is Being Done In The Right Divine (Lord Sananda)

. Lord Sananda brings forward understanding of what is happening on earth.

. Social distancing was initiated by the dark ones to create fear and division.

. The plans of the dark are foiled one after another.

. The Light Forces are far beyond the forces of darkness.

. The Decree went out across the solar system and the galaxy.

. The Decree is that the dark forces no longer have sway on the planet.

. Planet Earth is for yourselves and others in the times to come.

. Planet Earth will become a great point of light within the galaxy.

. As the frequency vibrations rise, more truth will come forward.

. You are the wayshowers for many after the awakening concludes.

. Larger dominoes will make their great fall.

. Be patient.  Continue to look beyond the illusion.

. Nothing is as it appears to be.

. Media sources sprinkle the truth less and less.

. The dark forces are extremely desperate in these times.

. The dark forces are losing their ability to manipulate change on the planet.

. More people realize the falsehood and see through the schemes.

. The greatest plan is becoming fulfilled.  Be ready.

. Everything is opening up to all of you.  

. Remember fully who you are.

. One Who Serves and Shoshana respond to questions.

. Bashar is very astute in what he brings forward.

. Monoatomic gold goes back to the Anunaki.

. The Anunaki were working to bring back their atmosphere on their planet.

. Monoatomic gold can be used to restore your health.

. Soon many formulations will come forth to raise the health of all.

. Planet earth is largely fluent with gold.

. The Anunaki raised the consciousness of primitive humans.

. This was done to get humans to work for the Anunaki.

. At first the Anunaki did the mining.  Then they became the Gods.

. During this transition time on earth some people were chosen to volunteer.

. They were chosen because of their skills achieved in past lifetimes.

. In past lifetimes, the skills were beyond the consciousness of a human.

. For example, many created worlds and even galaxies in past lifetimes.

. In Virginia, the Fema camps and the EBS were taken over by the Light forces.

. EBS means the emergency broadcasting system.

. Everything is on track here.

. Continue to see through and beyond the illusion.

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. Delta Force Seizes Deep State Stronghold

Delta Force and other units of the Armed Forces special operations community brazenly seized a major Deep State stronghold that was home to the criminal Biden regime’s gestapo police force, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its not-so-secret headquarters in Virginia.

The cornerstone of FEMA’s secret world sits nestled in the sprawling Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, less than fifty miles from Washington.  It has served as the shadow government’s primary emergency hideaway since the 1950s. Beneath the mountain lays a sprawling labyrinth of tunnels, corridors, and chambers from where the Deep State plotted to enslave law-abiding American citizens.

It includes all the amenities and life-support systems of a top-of-the-line bunker. Helicopter landing pads and a sewage treatment plant crowned the mountain, but underneath was where the real facility existed, with underground reservoirs for both drinking water and cooling needs, diesel generators, a hospital, radio and television broadcast facilities, cafeterias, and its own fire department and police force. Some 800 blue mesh hammocks sat ready for evacuated personnel, who would sleep in shifts throughout the day. Plastic flowers dotted the tables in the cafeteria.

Behind its 13-ton blast doors, a labyrinth of twisting corridors descended to the depths of the Earth. The bunker was designed to shelter hundreds of officials for up to five years. The facility’s kitchens were prepared to serve 3,000 meals/day and their walk-in freezers doubled as a morgue; frozen vegies and cadavers shelved side-by-side.

Mount Weather is also home to the nation’s primary “Emergency Broadcast System,” or EBS, transmitter, a computer network capable of interrupting every type of communication from cellular phones to cable television to internet backbones. In essence, the national EBS is a more powerful and sophisticated version of emergency transmitters such as the Amber Alert System and the emergency messaging system used by the National Weather Service.

Seizing control of the EBS was Delta Force’s primary objective, a high-ranking military source told RRN.

Although he refused to provide specific operational details, he did say that a Delta Force operator under deep cover had infiltrated FEMA’s ranks in a yearlong undercover assignment that ended with him insinuating himself into the FEMA hierarchy and befriending regional supervisors. He eventually reached a position that gave him access to the blast doors, Mt. Weather’s only means of ingress. He did not, however, have access to the EBS, which sits in a room behind doors that require both fingerprint and retinal scans to enter.

“While undercover he learned that one FEMA agent on site always has access to the EBS, just in case. On a normal day there’s damn near 100 agents at Weather, but he also learned FEMA was planning a training seminar in Louisiana and most staff would there, leaving only a skeleton crew of 20 agents to guard the mountain. He was able to open the blast doors to let Delta Force in,” our source said.

On Tuesday, 15 March, an unknown number of Delta Force Operators and U.S. Army soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment stormed Mount Weather and met resistance almost immediately after penetrating the subsurface. A blazing gunfight ensued, with FEMA agents drawing their sidearms and emptying the magazines. But Delta Force had taken cover and returned fire, killing 6 agents within mere seconds.

“The Operators assumed whoever had access to the EBS would not take part in the firefight. Fortunately, they were correct,” our source said.

Outgunned as they were caught by surprise and unable to reach Mount Weather’s armory of assault rifles, FEMA surrendered after suffering 12 fatalities. Two Delta Force were shot, but their injuries are not life threatening, our source said.

One by one Delta Force operators grabbed the surviving FEMA agents and compelled them to place their thumbs and eyes against the scanners protecting the EBS room. Eventually, one agent’s thumb and eye opened the door, the gateway to what the military has called a ‘high value target.’

Meanwhile, a company of elite soldiers (we have been asked not to reveal the branch or unit) descended on Mount Weather by air and by land, rappelling from hovering helicopters and dismounting from a dozen Hummers, after receiving word that the operation was a success. In all, 150 U.S. soldiers loyal to the “White Hat” movement secured Mount Weather, changed access codes, and sealed the blast doors.

When FEMA returned, agents found themselves in a helpless quandary.

“The military now controls the mountain. The doors are impregnable. This mission was a long time in the making, and now we control the EBS. Stay tuned—a message may be coming very soon,” our source said.

. AA – Understanding The Truth of Your Being (Lord Ashtar)

*  Lord Ashtar came to help understand the truth of your being and what to do.

*  You are here to assist with the Ascension process.

*  You are like a blank slate on a computer program.

*  As you create the new programs, the new reality is created.

*  You create the new higher expression of Gaia.

*  You would understand duality such as love and not-love.

*  You are creating the Golden Age of Gaia.

*  Forget the memories that trigger the old program.

*  Move into the transition when you are ready.

*  You are the creative process within you.

*  You can create the reality you want.

*  5th dimensional glasses are your own creative processes.

*  The more you visualize the 5D reality, the more real it becomes.

*  Picture a pair of sunglasses with 5D on the frame.

*  Reality is as you imagine it.

*  Imagine the world as you desire to see it.

*  Feel the rays of the sun come into the 3rd eye.

*  Whenever a door closes, a window opens to another opportunity.

*  All light workers have sojourns during sleep and may not remember.

*  Keep on becoming the real you that you came here to be.

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. Trump Promises a “RECKONING”

By Michael Baxter -March 13, 2022

A Mar-a-Lago source speaking to Real Raw News under promise of anonymity said on Saturday that President Donald J. Trump has spent much time in private council with his most trusted advisors ever since Russian Vladimir Putin began sacking biolabs and freeing imprisoned children in Ukraine.

RRN was the first outlet to report a liaison between Trump and the Russian leader, a sentiment now echoed by many alternative news sites across the net.

Trump has privately applauded Putin’s resolve to cleanse the corrupt nation of bioweapon labs and child trafficking rings that appeared across the Ukrainian countryside at once after it declared independence from the USSR on 24 August 1991. Within months of the dissolution of the USSR, Western money squirted into Ukraine like water from a high-pressure hose. Millions of dollars from the U.S., Germany, and Israel poured into the private coffer of then-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk who happily accepted American cash in exchange for allowing foreign powers to build bioweapon labs on foreign soil.

On Saturday evening, shortly after Trump concluded a “Save America” rally in Florence,  he told his inner circle that the United States would soon experience a “very big reckoning” similar to what is occurring in Ukraine.

“Trump said it was almost time for the reckoning, a time the nation will be made aware of what’s really going on and the actions he has taken to once and for all wage war against the Deep State cabal, both in the U.S. and abroad. While it may seem hard to believe, he’s been working alongside Putin and Xi Jinping to rid the world of not only the bioweapon labs but the infestation of child pedo rings that have literally swamped the world. China says that the U.S. has set up biolabs in Taiwan, too, and that’s one reason they’ve shown interest in retaking it,” our source said.

President Trump, he added, told his circle he has irrefutable proof Vladimir Putin had indeed blown to smithereens 11 Fauci-funded bioweapon labs in central Ukraine.

“Trust me, we’ll soon have an unbelievable reckoning here the likes of which no one has ever seen. It will be unbelievable, and the haters and loosers in the Lamestream Media will deny it, but the truth will be made public,” Trump reportedly said. “Don’t believe Fake News. I’ve never gone anywhere. I’m not coming back. I’ve been here all along.”

“Soon, very soon, the country will know the truth about what’s going in Russia and Ukraine, it will be tremendous, and the truth about 9/11 and so much more. Those tremendous frauds are nasty hells of catastrophe,” Trump continued.

Amazing things will soon replace the despair and despondency so many Americans have faced, our source said.

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. AA – Programming Being Dissolved (Master Saint Germain)

*  You are all moving forward as a collective.

*  Do not become ensconced in the old illusion.

*  Unmistakable proof is coming quickly.

*  New expression has been preordained.

*  You are being prepared to move through the Ascension process.

*  You will have help to move through the Ascension process.

*  Be aware of what is happening around you but not a part of it.

*  You moved beyond the expression of the veil.

*  As a Collective, you are destined to be free.

*  Always be aware that you are part of the One and the One is part of you.

*  The Light Forces are ahead of the dark game plan.

*  There is nothing to fear.  Programming is being dissolved.

*  Violet flame purges out old programming and memories.

*  The crescendo is when everything comes together as one. 

*  Pleiadians identify themselves when they are ready.

*  Dark nefarious plans are being thwarted.

*  Prepare supplies for three weeks or so, just in case.

*  Profound announcements are still coming.

*  Ark of the Covenant is safe and protected.

*  A huge increase in energy is coming.

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. AA – Just Do It!

*  All life is moving to a higher vibrational frequency

*  Light energy is flooding to the planet from higher cosmic source
*  Fifth dimensional sun is expressing more
*  Everything is collapsing around the third dimensional illusion
*  Those holding truth back are forced to disclose truth to stay in control
*  Those in ships watched the entire plan
*  Deep state is no longer in control
*  Forces of Light are many steps ahead of forces of darkness
*  More seeming chaos coming
*  You will feel the call to move forward in your mission
*  The Collective You determines how this plays out
*  System must fully come down before the new can arise
*  The possibilities and probabilities of the future are known
*  Masters are not allowed to disclose the future
*  Reach out to bring others the truth
*  You create your reality
*  Formulate in your mind the reality you wish to live in
*  You are your higher self, the fifth dimensional expression and beyond
*  The beginnings of the dominoes are falling
*  Ascension is the goal
*  Raise your vibrations and you raise it all around you
*  Release cultural programming
*  Floods in Australia are cabal driven and not from nature
*  Ten days of darkness is possibility this year
*  Weather modification through darkness operates when humans are in fear
*  The souls in the Light community move forward and take others with them

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