. AA – Programming Being Dissolved (Master Saint Germain)

*  You are all moving forward as a collective.

*  Do not become ensconced in the old illusion.

*  Unmistakable proof is coming quickly.

*  New expression has been preordained.

*  You are being prepared to move through the Ascension process.

*  You will have help to move through the Ascension process.

*  Be aware of what is happening around you but not a part of it.

*  You moved beyond the expression of the veil.

*  As a Collective, you are destined to be free.

*  Always be aware that you are part of the One and the One is part of you.

*  The Light Forces are ahead of the dark game plan.

*  There is nothing to fear.  Programming is being dissolved.

*  Violet flame purges out old programming and memories.

*  The crescendo is when everything comes together as one. 

*  Pleiadians identify themselves when they are ready.

*  Dark nefarious plans are being thwarted.

*  Prepare supplies for three weeks or so, just in case.

*  Profound announcements are still coming.

*  Ark of the Covenant is safe and protected.

*  A huge increase in energy is coming.

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Author: Yoda