Prime Creator via Erena Velazquez | November 11, 2020

November 11, 2020

Greetings My Dear Ones,

I am Prime Creator, you know me by different names like God, Father and etc. Very interesting and unique times are coming to Earth in the near future even if things at the moment don’t look very promising.

A lot of you are very upset or irritated now by the outcome of Presidential Elections. Many of you feel cheated by the Dark Side who used corruption and fraudulent voting to push their candidate into The White House. Please, understand between now and January until the Inauguration Day many surprising and unexpected things and events can happen.

A victory by one of the candidates, it doesn’t mean that the Light has lost the battle against the Darkness. In the end the Light always wins. This is a new begging point in the history of humanity, even if it feels right now like a defeat, but it’s not. Remember, everything is orchestrated by the Divine Love. I am the Mastermind behind the scenes, and I am also the Divine Force of Light, the one who created many worlds and many beings. I can assure you that the balance in the Universes and Galaxies always gets restored and lives get preserved. I am Prime Creator and I make sure that the Divine Laws of the Universe are always in place.

I am not surprised by the results of election. The people on Earth are not ready yet to accept the real truth: on what’s really going on around them and they don’t want to see how deeply the leadership around the globe is corrupted and rotten to the bottom of the roots. This election process showed where the humankind stands at this moment, it shows that a lot are still asleep and many others are thinking that they are ready to Ascend.

No, my dear ones, you are not ready at all, it requires a lot of spiritual work to do on yourselves before you can ascend, I mentioned in my previous messages, please do daily meditation 3-4 times a day. It’s very important that you do your work, you need to make meditation in your lives as natural part of your day as breathing. This event of Presidential Election is a perfect example that the old system of 3D is still in place and that nothing much has changed in the world.

Now, it’s the time to start doing serious work, if humanity really wants to move to the new reality of 5D. It’s your responsibility to embrace your purpose and fulfill it here, as all of you took an oath before coming to Mother Earth. I know some of you still don’t know what is your mission here, please don’t worry, in the future all of you are going to receive guidance from your mentors on what you are suppose to do here. No one is exempt from their responsibilities or duties, the ones who are going to refuse to carry out their missions they are going to be left behind and continue their 3D life until they evolve, and that can take a long time.

You have a free will to choose to stay here in 3D or complete your tasks and move into a higher dimension of 5D. Everything what happened during your elections, it was not a surprise for me at all, the human civilization as a whole was not ready yet to fully embrace and welcome fairness, liberty and freedom into their lives and dump the old corrupted system during this Presidential Elections.

All of you are still in an infancy stage, so you are still learning about yourselves, on who you really are and why you are here, as all of your memories from your Earth and Galactic lives were erased by the Negative Ones during your many reincarnations on Gaia. The time is coming when all of your memory is going to comeback and flow to you like a river into the ocean, until you become the whole ocean.

So many events will be upcoming in the weeks and months ahead, everyone on this planet is going to be very busy observing all of them. My recommendation for all of you is to stay away from the Fake news and also the less TV you watch the better it will be for you, as all of the television programs are full of subliminal messages and are polluted with technologies that can effect and control your mind.

I want to share with you about a huge victory The Galactic Federation of Light with Ashtar in Command recently had against the Dark Ones. The operation is called Red October, that name was chosen for a reason and it was a complete success. The Negative Groups with the code names Red Wolf, Black Wolf, Blue Wolf and etc., who followed and worshiped The Old Nazi Regime, you call them here fanatics, they were working directly with Archons, Reptilians and with others. These groups were running an extremely large operation that was targeting The Light Community by trying to eliminate and destroy them.

They were using a highly advanced and unknown technology on Earth that implanted special AI implants deeply into the human brains that was almost impossible to detect, so by just watching a specific show or a movie which was running this dark program, the AI the size of dust would enter your body through your eyes from any device screen or television you were using to watch a show or a movie. Over time it would grow in size and multiple itself inside your body. Then it would take control over you and try to destroy you by attacking all of your weaknesses in the mind and body.

These implants were slowly destroying the human brain and creating various pains in the body. Ashtar Team working with Commander Talhari from Queen An-Ra Light Forces were able to dismantle this whole operation. The bases were placed underground around the world in Europe, Russia, South America, Middle East and etc.

The control centers were placed on distant planets which are mostly known in the Galaxy and named after for their colors like Pink Planet, Green Planet and etc., it also included bases on the Moon, Mars, Pluto and etc. All of the parties involved were captured on Earth and outside in space. In addition, The Galactics recovered a lot of Gold that was stolen from many countries during World War II from The Old Nazi Reich, which is going to be redistributed to the people in the appropriate time. This Red October Operation helped to eliminate and reduce significantly the Dark Forces numbers. It was a crushing defeat for the Negative Side and it was a Victorious Day for The Galactics and Humanity.

We are still working on the Key Twin Flame, to bring my son back to his Twin Flame. This 3D reality entrenches deep inside the person which makes the process of bringing them back to their true self here very slow in this 3D Matrix, when in our reality everything is already is finished. Please, stay in high energies, it’s very critical for everyone during this Ascension Process. I am looking forward to the unforeseen events that are coming to Mother Gaia.

I am Prime Creator and it was a pleasure for me to be here today with all of you. Please, always stay in the now. I am sending my love and blessings to all of you. Thank you

Channeled by Erena Velazquez