Portal 12/12 – Saint Germain’s message for all humanity By Ngari

We can now announce the complete victory of light! Let every citizen of Earth know that the light has won! The black hats have surrendered unconditionally, as the Source of All That Is has ruled. They are leaving the planet, which now begins to enjoy the freedom so hard won. All wars cease immediately. A global armistice has been declared.

The Nazis, who were not defeated in 1944, but now, cease to exist and Ukraine is free of that terrible scourge. That was the reason Putin supposedly “invaded” Ukraine. It was to liberate that country from the Nazis. To put an end to their secret laboratories, where they played at being gods and committed horrendous crimes against humanity. Now the whole truth comes to light.

Emergency System (EBS) broadcasts are set to begin globally. All television antennas and social networks will be closed. Three documentaries of eight hours each will be broadcast through Starlink satellites, over three days. Each one in the language of the country where they reside. The truth will be exposed for all citizens of planet Earth.

After that, the quantum internet is going to replace the current one. NESARA and Gesara, which are the same law, with the difference that NESARA is in the United States and Gesara globally, will see the light of day in the 209 Sovereign Nations that signed them. The changes that all of you are going to witness will be great.

It is literally the end of an Age (of Pisces) and the beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius. I ask each and every one of you to maintain peace and remain focused and serene in the face of everything that comes. Know that the world you leave behind is falling apart, to make room for the new and wonderful world that arrives. In this new world of high vibration, there are no dark feelings, emotions or actions.

Only love, benevolence, peace, and abundance for all. The entire company of heaven, the galactic brothers and the white hats of the Alliance are here to ensure that all of this is accomplished. It is about the fulfillment of the divine plan for Earth. Together with humanitarians we will soon be rebuilding all the destruction left by darkness, in a different framework.

We will be building a full-fledged galactic society, with all that that entails. I am Saint Germain, the avatar of the new Age of Aquarius and forever at the service of that humanity that I love so much.

Welcome everyone to the Golden Age! The victory of light is now a reality!