. Lady Nada – Intense Wake-up Wave

My brothers, my sisters, there’s a solar light tube that’s about to hit the Earth. It comes directly from the Sun of Alcione and it will flood this planet with an intensity of light never before seen in this quadrant of the universe.

This light will exponentially increase the energy of awakening. It is this energy, that we have been waiting for a long time, that will allow the mass awakening.

My dear ones, be prepared to help your brothers and sisters in this great time, where the forces of light will be made visible to all humanity.

There will be billions of beings waking up from the deep slumber of the immersion of incarnation and this will be wonderful, but it will also require a lot of balance on the part of you, light workers, who are already awake and prepared for this moment.

It’s been years of preparation and we’re sure they’re more than ready to assume their spiritual leadership role in this new phase of the Ascension journey.

Dear brothers, this tube of purple light comes to transmute energies that are being released by you and that will significantly impact everyone, male and female, without distinction, on the Planet.

It’s an event of monumental proportions and will push everyone to make the final decision: accept the light or declare definitively connected to the third dimension. There will be no one else on the fence and that will be clear to everyone.

This volume of violet energy will trigger an intense wave of spiritual awakening, bringing out the best and the worst in your society.

There will be no more mistakes, you will recognize by your attitudes and speeches who will embrace awakening and who will decide to remain submerged in the energies of physical density and polarized of three-dimensionality.

Listen, dear ones, with care and unconditional love to all who come in your way.

Help those who will come seeking help and answers.

As for others, listen with gratitude and compassion to their bitter grievances and displeases, but under no circumstances enter into arguments or conflicts.

Accept the free will of every being. Offer your friendly shoulder to everyone and simply walk away from any conflict.

Remember that you are the anchors of awakening and your siblings hope to find in you the balance and peace that the Ascension energy offers.

There are countless ways this awakening will present itself.

All that matters is that people are guided to follow the path of the heart.

Love should flow naturally from your lips and gestures, as you too will be touched by the intensity of the energy.

Let’s remember all the steps and initiations you’ve already taken to be ready for this moment. Therefore, be tolerant and patient with your brothers, who will be confused and thirsty for information and care.

You, my brothers and sisters, will have the opportunity to exercise your mastery. This will be the time to put into action everything learned during the years of interiorization in pursuit of self-mastery.

We, the Ascended Masters, will be working with you, elbow to elbow, intimately connected with your higher selves, to give you the support you need at this great time.

My beloved, it is with immense joy that I bring you this news. We know many of you are looking forward to this moment, which will be a historic milestone. Everything will be split into before and after this collective awakening.

And do not forget: offer love, only love to all beings, even those who are physically distant, because their energetic reach will also increase in proportion to this new wave of light that will arrive on the planet.

Be at peace and celebrate with joy this great event that the Divine Hierarchy will provide for you.

With gratitude and love, I bid you farewell.

I am Master Nada and I offer you my peace.

Patricia Brunschnig.