. Ashtar Command Special Announcement

Aug 20, 2022

Dear Human Family, this is a message from the Stellar Nations, from Command Ashtar, we say to you:Get ready for the next great encounter between you, beloved humanity, and all of us, your great galactic family, who have been watching you from the heavens for a long time.

Trust yourself time to start seeing our ships and large airships in your skies.Fear not, we are not here to hurt you, our role here is purely divine, and we only wish to help you make the big evolutionary leap that is about to happen on your planet Earth world, or as many of us often call it, your beloved mother Gaia of all the earthlings.

They must trust us and lose fear, because contact with their governments has not resulted in their efforts to maintain control and power of the people, that is, all of you.As is this beloved channel, we have many vocalists who will be able to represent us before the great contact, you can trust them because their hearts and intentions are pure and clean of any personal benefit more than that of conscious contribution especially in the ascension of the planet and its humanity for the benefit of all beings.

We repeat them, don’t be afraid, and get ready.

They have all the unconditional support and love.Sinister acts will end on this Earth, we have already given the ultimatum to governments.More have chosen to ignore all the warnings.

The Planet must be liberated, time is running out.We love them deeply.Blessings.In no time the most awaited event will happen.Don’t wait, get ready.

With love,

Commander Ashtar.

Channeled and transmitted through my Higher Self.

With love, Abel.20.08.2022.