. The Christ Consciousness Grid

Jun 26, 2022

. Lord Sananda said that he comes to continue the process begun some time ago, even lifetimes before this, bringing you all together once again.
. You all belong to me as Sananda, as Yeshua.
. You are my flock. You are the ones I tend to.
. Know you are on the path to freedom within each of you.
. As you find this freedom within you, you will recognize the freedom outside of yourself as well to make your own choices, to live your life as you want it to be.
. No one can keep you from your chosen life path.
. You are remembering now who you are to the deepest levels of your being.
. When you have moments of pure euphoria, a sense of bliss within each moment, gone are all those things happening in the third dimensional illusion.
. In the blissful state, even for a moment, you are connecting to the Christ Consciousness Grid.
. There is only the rising of the dopamine that brings the joy within you.
. You can manufacture that anytime you want.
. You don’t need pills or drugs, only need your inner self to rise up within you.
. It is time for the illusion around you to collapse.
. You are seeing the signs of this.
. You have human bodies, feelings and thoughts. This, at times, pulls you back into the illusion.
. When you have heard that ‘nothing can stop what is coming’, this is the connection to this grid.
. You have all experienced this before.
. The times you came before to lead the way, to be wayshowers, are here now.
. Various events are in momentum right now.
. The truth shall be revealed.
. Because of every one of you connecting to this grid and building this grid, it is reverberating down onto the planet and raising the vibrations.
. The great solar flash is coming.
. You are all preparing for that.
. We have been preparing your astral, etheric, and physical bodies to withstand the energies coming in, gaining momentum.
. More and more energies are coming into the planet and anchoring the light within yourself and then spreading it to all areas of the planet consciously and unconsciously.
. You are the Light, the Love, the Truth, the I Am That I Am.
. The Source Consciousness within you, the Christ Consciousness within you is remembering itself within you.
. Next session, Saint Germain will be with you bringing you a special message of freedom during your Independence Day.
. We are here as one together to make it through this together to come fully into the Ascension process.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. You are in a program bringing you along to the next step: The connection to the Christ Consciousness Grid and the remembering of that connection.
. It is real. It will catapult all together as one as a planet. It is here now.
. Discussion of when a manifestation is made from human desire and when the manifestation is synchronized with one’s higher self:
You are already doing what you need to do. You need to believe. When you see it, you will create it. Be in the moment and create whatever you want. There is a buffer system that protects a person from some manifestations such as fear manifestations. The buffer system is fading away more and more. Because of the remembrance of the connection to the chrystalline grid, you will have more experience of immediate manifestation coming to you as you are able to handle it.
. Continued discussion regarding manifestation:
When a being is working on a power within them to manifest that which they desire, there cannot be a conflict about that. If one wishes to manifest something, it has to be a clear choice and a great focus that occurs within the being. Those who don’t achieve it are not clear about what they want. They are conflicted. It must be crystal clear what they wish to manifest and the focus must be on that until it occurs. Start with something small. Begin the process of learning the power you have within you.
. The goal of spirituality is to recognize the wholeness of the being you are, is to merge within the higher self.
. If the being is of a lower vibration, and not merging (with the higher self) then the manifestation won’t come into fruition. There is no conflict. There is a disconnect.
. Regarding the question about getting past a recurrent traumatic memory, the response was first to recognize the memory and secondly to accept it by allowing it to be and moving beyond it.
. Further explanation:
The patterns that one is born into in these incarnations are the patterns that wish to be broken.. This is how it works. When there is a pattern to be broken, the idea that you are conscious of the pattern creates the opportunity to break it. You will experience this again until it is fully resolved. When you pay attention to it, you empower it. Recognize it quickly. Do not participate in it. Walk away from it.
. Closing remarks: Keep remembering that everything that is happening is happening as it needs to in this moment.
. With that understanding, use this creative process to create the life ahead that you want to have.

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