. AA – Gamma Rays, The Photon Belt, and Higher Energies (Archangel Michael)

Jun 20, 2022

. Archangel Michael said that he brings information and Love.
. As everything around you continues to create turmoil, know that you are safe within the matrix and the illusion.
. You are all still part of the illusion but not the illusion itself.
. The analogy is the computer operating system that started simple and continues to upgrade over a period of time.
. As Gaia upgraded her operating system into the fifth dimensional space and higher, it is holding a place to still work within.
. You are upgrading your own physical, astral, and etheric bodies.
. The gamma rays are coming into this planet.
. The entire solar system is moving through the photon belt bringing Light and Love back.
. It is happening all around you and within you. You must always remember that.
. You are in the earth but you are not of the earth.
. You came from long ago and far away to be part of this earth experiment.
. The experiment has come to an end.
. The forces of darkness cannot control those who will not be controlled.
. You are here to open the doorways and windows for others to follow after you.
. You are the expression, the light, the way, and the truth.
. Know that first within yourself, then to express it to all of those ready to hear the message of truth.
. Continue to trust that all is in motion.
. All is exactly as it needs to be in each moment.
. This is the plan and you are all part of this plan.
. Trust in yourselves and those bringing you forward along the path for ascension.
. I have watched over you for countless eons of time.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. You are moving into a period of peace on the planet, the entire solar system and the galaxy.
. You are in the end times that predict the great awakening.
. A time of peace that is so pure creates an extremely high vibration within the environment where beings reside.
. The vibrations are so high, the cabal will have disappeared.
. The change-over appears to be a lengthy process but it is actually quite rapid.
. You are taking (what has been a) millenia of time to reverse everything, to bring down the house of cards of the cabal.
. Be of good cheer even though it appears negative for the old system to be gone and the new system to be born.
. The way to bring about a world of love, compassion and peace is to see the world that way.
. The cabal want you to believe they are winning. They want you to cower in fear.
. The cabal are doing everything they can to hold you back from Ascension.
. Once it is fully in swing, they (the cabal) have no way to exist here.
. Have no fear. Everything is indeed happening as it needs to.
. Those of your media are in the process of a change-over.
. People are not listening to them anymore.
. The forces of Light are taking over the media.
. The entire media will eventually be taken down.
. There is a huge movement to tell the truth.
. The old avenues are being overshadowed by truth sayers.
. The mainstream is dying. This is not any longer having power over most of you.
. Everything is going in a quantum direction.
. The financial system will be quantum. The internet will be quantum internet.
. One day you will wake up and you will wonder what happened to the old world.
. It will be gone.
. Know that you are in the right place at the right time ready to share your Light as the need arises when the need arises.
. Indeed the need will be arising very soon.

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