. Urgent – Take Your Kids Out of School !!!

Dear Friends,

It’s not uncommon to record hundreds of hours of interviews for a single feature length documentary film. So what happens with all the unused footage? Often times, nothing. I’ve interviewed so many extraordinary people for Pl@ndemic 3: The Great Awakening that I’ve decided to release a series of long form interviews.

First up, the brilliant Dr. Mark McDonald. Dr. McDonald is a respected psychiatrist who has been working intimately with kids and adults in California. It was the inventor of MRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, who was adamant that I meet and interview Dr. McDonald. We were less than 5 minutes into the interview when I realized why Dr. Malone was so insistent to make this connection. 

Dr. McDonald is a daily witness to the harm being done by all the new social ideologies that are rapidly infiltrating our educational curriculums. He pulls no punches when describing the disturbing decline in his patients ability to navigate reality and relationships. Of the 40 plus interviews I’ve conducted this year alone, this one has helped me to better navigate this crazy moment in history.  

If you find Dr. McDonald’s insights valuable, please share this interview with anyone who might benefit from his rare wisdom. 

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