May 8, 2022

. Sananda said that I come in these special times of great change.
. Most of you can take in stronger energies.
. You have been acclimating to these energies.
. The energies may bring difficult times for the physical body.
. You will not feel the density. Allow the process to happen.
. It is indeed a knowing that comes over you, associated with the stars aligning.
. All of this is part of the plan. Allow the process to evolve within you.
. The revolution within you is happening within.
. Your higher heart is feeling all of this.
. You are hearing whispers telling you to do this and that.
. Trust that you are being guided by your team.
. The team is the higher God self, the twin flame, and the team mates.
. Do not begin to feel like you are forsaken.
. The cabal continues to bring fear at every opportunity.
. You are free beings and will not comply.
. You are never to be put in this position again unless you allow it.
. Continue to follow the path you are on.
. The path takes you forward to higher dimensions available to you.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana answered questions. Highlights below.
. We, as the guides, have been working to bring this to you.
. You are becoming the Light Warriors.
. You are God Source walking on the planet.
. Consciousness and memory and full record are all the same thing.
. Election fraud has become a talked about occurrence.
. People are awakening to the control issue.
. We cannot provide a predictive answer to a situation.
. The planet allows decisions to be made from free will.
. You can say: “I Am The Universe.” You can bring it together as One.
. “I Am Statements” can bring you into the higher vibrations. That is the goal.
. Do the “I Am Process” in increments: 5 minutes, 10, 15, 20.
. The physical body has no idea of the vibration you reached and rebels.
. Allow the vibration of your being to catch up.
. Trust the universal plan that is in the works for everyone together.
. Know that. Trust that.

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