. The Great Change-over Is In Progress (Master Saint Germain)

Apr 24, 2022

. Saint Germain said that he came to continue those things we were working on together as one.
. Each one has a team working with you.
. The time is coming to move on to the next part of your mission. You will be guided through the process. This is the transition foretold for thousands of years.
. More people are awakening to the old programming.
. Forces of Light counter every move that the dark make.
. You are coming closer to the great change-over, the final moments.
. When the multitude of people in sleep mode awaken is when you will see the major changes.
. Members of the dark forces are being brought to justice.
. You are in the process of a full awakening across the planet.
. Those looking for proof shall have their proof.
. Find the freedom and understanding of who you are in this process.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana answered questions. Highlights below.
. The Mermaid people do exist. They are real. They will be revealed.
. The Mermaid civilization is advanced. They stay in the oceans to be safe from the culture and attitudes of man.
. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is ready to become a reality.
. The Queen Romana of Canada will become more pronounced. It is part of the plan involving the complete take-over of the old regime.
. She has influence over many to free the people of Canada and the world.
. Those becoming a part of the New Earth will continue in the higher vibration.
. There will be a separation: those who are moving on in the ascension process and those who are not.
. Hold onto the direction that you are moving in the transition process.

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