. AA – Jesus Brings An Eastern Message

April 17, 2022

. Lord Yeshua said that he came at a time of the renewal of life.
. Easter is not about my resurrection but about ascension.
. Easter is about all of our ascending humanity together.
. These days are about joy, not my death. I didn’t die at that time.
. It only matters that I lived. I came to show the way.
. I came to show actions of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. All is about Love.
. Find joy in every moment and you will find your own resurrection.
. I was not the only one who became the Christ.
. The ascension process leads to Christ Consciousness.
. Trust in each other. You are moving through this together.
. You cannot have a planet of Light when there is fear.
. The dark forces promote fear, not Love.
. You are here to show the way, to become the Christ Consciousness.
. Light is indeed returning to Gaia.
. I am not your Savior, never have been, never could be.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana answered questions. Highlights below.
. When you get chills thinking about something, it is a signal from your higher self speaking directly to you.
. Regarding pain, you have to look for the source of the pain. Pain wishes for your attention. The less you pay attention, the more it goes away. It requires an emotional attachment to it. Your higher self has the answer.
. Listening to channelled messages requires a decision whether the message resonates with you or is good for you. Your being seeks a vibrational match to your understanding.
. Life and experiences are complex because we do not realize that we are traversing a path provided from the beginning of the incarnation.
. All experiences are leading the person to the journey that was meant to have.

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