. AA – Take Your Mission Seriously (Ascension Energy)

Source: AncientAwakenings.org

.  Ascension Energy is an entity who goes from system to system where an ascension process is happening.
.  You are coming to a great happening.
. A time of awareness that will take you into the higher vistas.
.  You are creating the higher expression  You are bringing heaven to earth.
.  You who are the Light warriors are spreading the Light by your thoughts.
.  Those who receive these thoughts feel it in themselves and raise their vibrations.
.  As Springtime continues, you will experience changes in the world.
.  The illusion is collapsing everywhere.  
.  Hear the call within you.  Express your awareness to all who are ready to receive it.
.  You are carrying the Christ Consciousness to all parts of the world.
.  Send the Light where there may be darkness.
.  Discern what is right and wrong for you.
.  You need to follow the Universal Laws deep within yourself. 
.  You are never, ever alone here.  Understand that.
.  You will have more and more guides showing you the way.
.  Everything is happening exactly as it needs to in the moment it needs to happen.
.  Just allow the expression to come through you.  It will propel you to the next phase of your mission. 
.  You will fully move through your ascension mission as you are ready to do so.
.  One Who Serves and Shoshana answer questions and the highlights follow.
.  Share the message and do not be concerned about the results.
.  Just by refusing to comply with the mandates, you have been spreading the Light.
.  You cannot be part of the system and break the system at the same time.
.  The 5th dimensional sun is alongside in the higher frequency.  
.  Healing occurs through acceptance and non judgment.
.  All that occurred in the evolution of the soul was purposeful.
.  Trauma is due to emotions and experiences through a person believing the emotions are real.  They are not.  Trauma is a 3 D reality.
.  Emotions move your soul forward in consciousness.
.  Accept all experiences as necessary and not in any way of judging them.
.  You can not manage an archetype.  That is not the way to move forward.
.  Let the memory of an event pass through you and resolve to let it go.
.  In the dream state  while asleep, leaving your body is more real than leaving your body while being awake.  Many who cannot release their 3rd dimensional body, hang on.
.  The body is an illusion, not who we are.
.  Begin more and more to take your mission seriously.  Spread the Light beginning with the message given by the Ascension Energy.

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