. AA – The New Normal (Lord Sananda)

. Sananda continues to bring a new expression of love and oneness overtaking life on the planet.
. The grand expression of the great plan is unfolding.
. Your 5th dimensional consciousness accepts the ramifications of the plan.
. You are the Second Coming of Christ.  You are more than what you think you are.
. Souls are coming together to form Legions of Lightworkers.
. You are the Christ Consciousness now calling many forward.  They are following you as a collective you.
. The consciousness of humanity, animals, plants, and minerals are creating the Golden Age.
. The Christ Consciousness has come together to be accepted by more people.
. You are on the cusp of a great happening.
. Come together as One and know that you are indeed the One.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana answer questions and the highlights follow.
. Trust that everything is happening in the time frame that it needs to.
. Life is a continuing journey that never stops.
. Higher technological medical help is around the corner.
. Humans with dementia or alzheimers have gone past the 3rd dimensional reality.
. Children on the autistic spectrum are in a higher dimensional expression.
. You must accept all facets of your individuality, all nooks and crannies.
. You can no longer thrive within judgment.  Be free to do all you wish to do.  Do not be in judgment of yourself or others.
. You are in the graduation process of reincarnation.  You came here to finish this once and for all.
. You are all moving beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion.

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