50,000 Children Saved !!!

According to several very irritated doctors, the CDC was pushing inaccurate CV-19 diagnosis deaths in the US, plus the Cabal was known to be deceitfully misusing 5G waves to imitate Corona Virus infection – the reason to over-emphasize the virus problem in order to gain a deliberate lockdown of US and global economies. While investigation of CV-19 origins was ongoing, Dr. Fauci’s Pandemic fraud indictment was said to already sit on Trump’s desk, and the “good doctor” has suddenly disappeared from daily news conferences.

Meanwhile, President Trump and First Lady Melania, along with the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, used the national lockdown to rescue over 50,000 traumatized children from the Cabal’s underground tunnel torture chambers across the nation. Trump has asked all state governors to call off the lockdown and invited their constituents to come back to work.

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