Coronavirus Comes from a Meat Market–Go Veggie

Coronavirus comes from the Wuhan Market in China where people can buy practically any kind of live animal they desire to eat. You can even buy a live peacock, Lord Krishna’s favorite bird, to take home, kill and eat. It is such a sinful place where so many thousands of innocent animals are being treated so cruelly. Because our sinful world allows such horrible sinful things to go on we are now suffering from the coronavirus disease, which is causing great hardship and turmoil throughout our entire global civilization. It is a karmic reaction well deserved. It’s time that everyone learns the lesson that we should stop torturing the innocent animals.

Unfortunately our government leaders do not understand this, and they are thus turning our world into more and more of a hell. It is time now in this great hour of need for the Krishna consciousness to take the world by storm by educating everyone how to create a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere on this planet. We can now guide the whole world how to become peaceful and happy if they will only listen to us. May that day come soon. May that day come real soon!

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