California Fires = Light forces Purging-out of the Dark Forces

by Ancient Awakenings | Nov.3, 2019

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Group Meditation:
Visualization of the Central Sun energy waves arriving to the planet.

Master Kara:
. As you continue to hear many resources speak of “The Event”, you continue to ask yourselves, when is this going to all happen?   Continue to be patient my friends, for all is coming into fruition.

. Even as you see all those negative news, you are now continuing to be in higher dimension, and not allowing your vibration to drop.

. Take away that sense of time and continue to believe that everything is in the perfect now, and so you will arrive to the place where you don’t wonder – when will it happen, but rather, that it does happen.

. We continue to disguise our ships in the form of your jets, but many of you know that those in the skies are not jets.. Disclosure is coming to you, we are coming to you (Our Pleiadian Ships).

. More and more are beginning to see beyond the veil, the veil that is actually no longer there.   Veil is just something that remains in your minds, as part of old lingering programming.

. Let your gifts come forward (gifts of spirit).. You will have those abilities again – telepathy, heighten intuition, precognition, telekinesis.  All these gifts are coming back to you; let them in!

. As you let these come in, so will your consciousness rise.
Master OWS & Shoshana. California Fires = Light forces purging out the Dark Forces that have resided in this area.

. There is most frustration, evil that resides in this area, this has caused much inflammation. . If there is “No Will”, “There is no way”, so if you have an addiction, we must first find the source of the reason why we seek-out for the object of our addiction.

Group Discussion
. The ‘Dark Forces’ are trying to block the energies coming from the Central Sun (Source) by spraying chem trails in many cities.

. We are the ‘light infiltrators’, who have infiltrated into the Matrix, in order to; with our free will (prayer, request for help, meditations), open an interface between heaven and earth and open the portals for our Galatic teams to come-in an help.   So if you town’s sky just got sprayed with chem trails, call on ‘Ashtar Command’ to come and vacuum the sky, they will come! …. but only if you ask.

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