Look In The Mirror Every Morning And See the New You

Ancient Awakenings | Oct.28, 2019

. You are coming to the – “home stretch”, when in the 4th quarter, with only minutes to go, you have just scored the go-ahead touch-down, and the other side, has one last play. They send the ball off, hoping to score and win the game, but as many of you know, this last “Hail Mary”, was completely harmless.
. “The Event” has already occurred in the higher vibrations, it just needs to be recognized in the 4th dimension.
. Certainly those of the 144,000 (lightworkers) have awakened.
. One who is very accurate, has channeled information has spoken of the solar flash (the event) happening in the spring of 2020. I as Sananda and all of those in the company of heaven, are here to tell you know, that THAT is a very strong possibility at THAT time.
. Your lives will never be the same after this.
. Continue to focus in the now, and you will find yourselves more and more in the 5th dimension, but also when the solar flash happens (The Event), you will not only be ready for it, you will welcome it.
. It is all up to you, continue to find those moments, rather find the joy of every moment. Because when you do this, you have arrived to the destination.
. With that inner creator source, there is no limit to what you can do. Truly anything is possible. Including that of looking in the mirror and looking at the reflection of what you want to be. See the “God-source” within you as you look in that mirror.
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