Ashtar Karee – Huge Attack Underway Against Our Fleets At The Mid 4D Level

Channeled by Ria | Oct.19, 2019

Dear Ones: 

There has been a lot of interference in your Reality that is playing out in your Now Timeline …. As the continuation of Higher 13D Light code’s continue to integrate /activate ’ And upgrade your Physical avatars , 

Your DNA/RNA and subtle energy fields. 

Your light bodies & Merkabas are working an extra gear to acclimate to this amount of light… 

As you filter this light through your interconnected energy networks of the chamber’s of your hearts and direct this light into the planetary Mother …. 

We see you working diligently in service to the All … 

With such love and gratitude to you our beloved Earth family. 

Unfortunately On the higher planes  , there was a huge attack underway against our Fleets at the Mid 4D level , Many of you beloveds , are tapping your energetic perceptional awareness into theses attacks on our fleets …. 

interpreting through your multidimensional 3-4D lenses.

However in terms of battles….

from our Higher 5th Dimensional perspective, the lower Astral 4D Brothers and sisters, are ‘ at war ’ with us, …. 

but we do not ‘ implement war upon them….

Unfortunately they want us to fight them, pull us into Vibrational energy battles … 

However we wouldn’t be in the Universal Laws of 

Oneness – 

vibration/frequencies of 5D love , 

if We Reverted to Lower vibrational energies of War ….

This is simply a game to them of vibrational control ,  Spinning a constant negative dualistic motif into the collective ….. … polarisation … 

So our Fleet ships … 

Only deflect , shield  and  ’round up’ Lower 4D Ships that attempt to fire their weapons upon us… 

strategically fencing off aggressing lower 4D entities into a 

( Force field & light fields ) of Higher light , and remove them to particular higher inter-dimensional Cities of Light , 

Where our Angelic Family of light who specialize in Soul healing/ Can bring them back into Universal Oneness .  

Like we say,  Our Ships only shield and protect and deflect energy weapons , we do not have weapons of sorts on our lightships , we do not shoot weapons at these lower 4D ships … 

we deflect only …. 

And interface only … 

This is not to say your Earth SSP have weapons , ..

 They have a form of weaponry ’,  and there are certain aspects or operations that are taking place right now in your lower Earth orbit in the removal of negative 4D interference within the outer rim of the planet and its Morphogenetic field…. 

As we understand how the Lower Astral Energys are trying to break through the interface and Thwart the Earth’s Merkaba Ascension rotation in your Now … 

Slowing down the Rotational Spin Corrupting the Torus / Morphogenetic field or M Field of The Planetary mother and your individual M fields.. 

Our fallen family continue to attempt to sabotage & Thwart …  

Slowing down the Ascension trajectory … 

whilst you are in this critical stage of critical mass Ascension…. 

They can-not stop Ascension .. at a Planetary Soul level or solar system or Galaxy sector …. 

However , they can attempt to slow the momentum down as they have before in many other Star systems …. 

When they attempt to slow down your Planetary Merkaba , This acts as a ripple effect in the matrix ( temporal spatial Reality ) 

Effecting your coexistence in Oneness  ) …. 

Causing a stalling rift in the collective hive mind … 

so to speak … 

This in-turn , 

Causes Destructive irrational behaviour / separation / Fear / Doubt / Division and boundaries/  

That Alter ideologies within the collective , a disconnect from true source & higher light … 

A fear of self projection presents its self with the Human …. 

Dear ones you can clearly see this playing out in your political arena / with many souls in a entanglement of expressing a form of ( political integrity ) with one another…. 

This is division & Fear  …. 

With no signs of compromise from each party involved , This entanglement causes resistance within the collective…

This is the energetic rift we speak of here Our Fallen brothers and sisters are constantly attempting to create this rift … 

So We in the higher realms continue in the 

the mending of rifts and smoothing out of your  planetary merkaba and dimensional interface at the 4-5D level 

Implementing 7/8 D angelic light into your planetary mother Through the network grid system of light grids & lay lines,  we in the higher realms along with our boots on the ground , our beloved Anchors ‘conduits of light… 

  ( That’s you beloveds ) 

Who are creating the rainbow bridges of light clearing the distorted energies in the lightgrids of the planet… anchoring in light and higher light codes , down through your meridians and into the earths core , as you are the first waivers , 144 the light bridge between the two realms ….  

Your light is needed as we work through this quantum entanglement or deflection that has been implemented by the falling ones to slow down your Evolution and progression into Ascension …. 

We Are all working full-on to right the balance/unify the field for the higher ascension path…..7D Ascension trajectory, 

Of The Multi-dimensional New Earth , As the thinning of the veil of the lower dimensional Alternate Earth is falling away …, 

Dear ones …, 

The 7D Light has to stabilize the Morphogenetic field enough through this phase between the 4/5/6 D Energy resurrection  Ascension Fields  ……. 

To complete this natural Earth cycle into a higher Dimensional Field.

As we move through into the 12 Hour.

Many of you are understanding That The Higher Gateways and portals are opening to receive the higher photonic light . 

More than ever , and it is a crucial time in your planetary Now ‘ to stay in Alignment with the heart space , building your Columns of light in your areas of living , and if guided ‘ 

to continue to Activate nodes and light grids on the planet …. 

sending your light , to pockets of distortion within the planet , to where it’s needed , As you are a conductor a powerful anchor points dear ones … 

As long as you stay in a high vibrational equilibrium , staying in your heart space and not involving your self in the lower distorted energies , 

As it is a crucial time as we continue in forward motion of the Golden Age ,  

So stay focused , stay vigilant , stay steadfast , 

And Continue to stay building your columns of light from your heart from your chalice , …. 

Remember dear ones we work together always , constantly weaving an inter connected web of light’working together in Unity in unison & oneness 

At a multidimensional level at all times 

Never forget that…. 

We are One big family of light ❣️

And constantly we are in service to the all that is …. 

All my peace and unconditional love ? 

Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree ❣️

Please .. 

Take what resonates.. 

Leave What doesn’t …

All Galactic art work and pictures are created by … David Rousseau..

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