. Marine Corps Base Massacre

By Michael Baxter -October 8, 2023

As the world debated Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, another unprecedented assault occurred closer to home Saturday, with Black Hats launching a shocking attack on a White Hat installation in Georgia.

As rockets fell on Israel—questioning the efficacy of its Iron Dome—scores of federal agents, supported by Biden loyalists from the California Army National Guard, stormed the gates at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, a non-combat post whose mission is to repair and rebuild ground combat and combat support equipment. It is home to approximately 600 Marines and 2,000 part-time civilian contractors, most of whom live on the economy. R e a l R a w News has learned the base had a secondary function—housing certain Deep State prisoners awaiting transportation to Guantanamo Bay.

The pandemonium started at 3:00 a.m. Saturday. Sentries stationed at the canopy-covered guard shacks took fire as an estimated 120 Guardsmen and criminal FBI agents appeared near the woodsy hedge line on either side of the road and blitzed the sheds. The enemies at the gate overwhelmed four Marine guards, of whom three died immediately and one retreated and radioed for assistance. Six FBI armored tactical vehicles pushed past the entrance and inched toward the detention center that held an unspecified number of Deep State detainees.

As the base went to battle stations, two Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, presumably drone-launched, struck supply and repair depots on the east and west sides of the base, respectively. Firefighters and EMTs were ambushed by insurgent Guardsmen while en route to the blast. A firewagon was destroyed, and several firefighters were killed.

By then, news of the murderous attack had reached General Eric M. Smith, who put White Hat-controlled bases nationwide on high alert in case the unprovoked assault was part of a broader invasion. He instructed the station’s commander, Col. Michael Fitzgerald, to annihilate the Deep State insurrectionists with extreme prejudice and to reinforce the detention centers.

The 16 Marines tasked with guarding the Deep State prisoners were pinned down and low on ammunition by the time backup arrived at 3:15. The enemy had emptied several magazines at the windows and launched grenades at the holding cell’s edifice. Their shells chunked the façade, but the building’s two-foot-thick reinforced masonry survived the onslaught. A 40mm grenade bounced off the concrete and landed at the feet of two Guardsmen, cutting them to ribbons when it detonated. Marine reinforcements flanked the Deep Staters and opened fire.

Elsewhere, though, feds were in “run and gun” skirmishes with Marines, trying to draw them further away from the detention block. The dead and the wounded—Marines, feds, and civilians alike—were scattered about the streets.

As the firefight raged on, an intrepid Marine platoon intuited the feds’ path and, from the rooftops, picked them off one by one, dropping a dozen as other feds, seeking an escape route, found themselves trapped in kill boxes. Some dropped their weapons and offered to surrender, but the Marines weren’t feeling merciful. Not that day.

By 3:30, every able-bodied Marine—exact count unknown—was locked, loaded, and hunting the enemy.

RRN’s source in Gen. Smith’s office later said the enemy’s brutality was unfathomable.

They ambushed civilian nurses and corpsmen who were assembling a mobile triage center. A corpsman was shot in the back while treating a Marine with a sucking chest wound.

Nearby Marines, who had just destroyed two FBI tactical trucks, overheard the screams and retaliated, gunning down a mix of feds and Guardsmen and then shielding the triage tent from more enemy incursions. The 12 Marines hunkered down and fought off several waves of attackers.

By 4:00, the echoes of enemy gunfire had diminished and receded. Ambulatory feds and guardsmen abandoned their vehicles and fled on foot.

Our source put the number of enemy casualties at 54 dead and 34 wounded. Although he would not presently disclose Marine Corps casualty metrics, he said, “Many good Marines died.”

He called the attack the most egregious escalation of conflict since the Christmas massacre at Guantanamo Bay.

“We lost a lot of good men, but this senseless attack won’t go unanswered, and it shows our combat readiness. Yeah, all Marines are trained to kill, but most of these guys weren’t seasoned fighters, and they still whooped some Deep State ass. Somehow, they learned we were keeping detainees there to be transferred. And I imagine they wanted one or more, that’s why they didn’t drop those hellfires on the jail. We relocated all of them right after it went down,” our source said.

He would not reveal which Deep Staters were held at MCLB Albany.

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