. Carrier Strike Group Drops Anchor; Defies Biden Regime!

By Michael Baxter -October 9, 2023

The Gerald Ford Carrier Battle Group dropped anchor in the Mediterranean Sunday night in a repudiation of the criminal Biden regime’s authority over United States military assets, with senior leadership saying they would not follow questionable orders that could needlessly endanger sailors and plunge the nation into an international conflict, high-ranking military sources told R e a l R a w N e w s.

On Sunday the fake president and his criminal associates—fraudulent Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, corrupt Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Brown, and alleged pedophile John Kirby—announced they were sending warships to the Mediterranean Sea in response to Hamas’ rocket attack on Israel.

The carrier and its escorts are tantamount to a floating fortress, including 7,500 sailors across six surface ships, each able to start or thwart a war, and two fast-attack submarines reportedly armed with nuclear-tipped torpedoes. Its precise location in transit is kept secret for operational security, and even media aboard the ships are forbidden from broadcasting its whereabouts. However, sources told RRN the strike group was within an arm’s reach, figuratively, of Israel when Vice Adm. Thomas Ishee, Commander of the 6th Fleet, issued a fleetwide announcement to drop anchor and await further orders.

Sources said Ishee and the strike group captains held a video conference to discuss the Middle East crisis and the Biden regime’s illegitimacy. Four captains said Biden had stolen the 2020 presidential election and, therefore, his orders were invalid and unconstitutional, while two expressed uncertainties over which president–Trump or Biden–was commander in chief of the Armed Forces. Ishee said National Command Authority, a term used by the DOD to refer to the ultimate source of lawful military orders, had been compromised and that only Donald Trump, President Donald J. Trump, had the power to mobilize the fleet.

The intricacies and nuances of the conversation are unknown to Real Raw News, but we were told that after a two-hour conference, all six captains supported Ishee’s decision and told crews the ships would hold fast until further notice. At this time, RRN does not know if the ships’ captains gave crews their reason for issuing “all-stop” orders.

Our source said Ishee spoke with four Republican House Armed Services Committee members and House Judiciary Committee Chairperson Jim Jordan before conferring with the captains.

“The battle group has the support they need. It’s important to understand this isn’t about Israel or Hamas or picking sides; it’s about if a criminal and a make-believe president controls billions of dollars of hardware and service members’ lives. If President Trump tells them to go, they go. If he tells them to turn around, they turn around. It’s as simple as that. His is the deciding voice, not the cabal’s. The sailors on those ships will respect that. But some people on the Gerald Ford didn’t like it when the ship stopped,” our source said.

When Gerald Ford came to a dead stop, an on-board MSNBC film crew demanded answers. They harassed the ship’s command master chief and executive officer, demanding to speak with the captain. “Why are we stopping? We must get to Israel. Who gave this order? Does President Biden know about this?” Their cameras were confiscated, and they were tossed in the brig.

President Trump, our source said, has been apprised of the development.

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