. The Christ Consciousness Grid (Lord Sananda)

Jun 26, 2022

– You are on the path to freedom.

– You are creating that freedom

– That there is nothing that can stop you from this

– When you are in that blissful state, even for a moment, you are indeed connecting to the crystalline grid, The Christ consciousness grid.

– It is time for the illusion that is all around you to collapse, to fall.

– The Great Solar Flash is coming.

– If one truly wishes to have something and to manifest it, it has to be clear, it has to be concise, and it has to be a great focus that occurred within the being.

– The goal of spirituality, and to recognize the wholeness of the being that you are, is to merge with the Higher Self.

– The patterns that one is born into in these incarnations are the patterns that wish to be broken.

– When there is a pattern to be broken that you call trauma, that traumatizes the being that you are, and maybe the beings around you, the idea that you are conscous of the pattern does create the opportunity to break it, you see.

– Everything that is happening is happening exactly as it needs to in this moment, and the next moment based on the moment previous to that, and every moment previous to that, and so on, creates the next and further moments on.

– Use this creative process to create the moments ahead and the life ahead that you want to have.

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