. AA – The Light Of Truth And Oneness Is Spreading

Jun 12, 2022

. Saint Germain said that I come to be with you in these changing moments.
. Everything around you is happening even if you are not fully aware of all that is occuring.
. And that is my purpose.
. Those asleep would not be able to handle the great influx of truth coming out all at once.
. It must be doled out over a period of time.
. Momentum is happening now.
. Everything is moving forward at a pace that is far beyond what all of us believed is possible on this planet.
. It is time for the Light of Truth and Oneness to spread across the planet.
. As a collective, you came as one Love, one Light.
. Remember to find yourselves in the higher vibrations.
. Do what you learned to do to raise your vibrations.
. Ask for assistance.
. Go out in Nature. Find yourselves surrounded by crystals.
. Take deep breaths. Use affirmations and mantras you learned.
. As you find joy in that moment, you are raising the vibrations around you.
. As you raise the vibrations all around you, those in proximity of you are raised in vibration even if they are not consciously aware of it.
. There are millions of you that are raising the vibrations and spreading the Light.
. Know this.
. You are part of this great plan. It cannot be done without you.
. Trust that all is happening as it needs to even though it does not appear to be at times.
. You find yourselves, at times, falling into the trap of fear, low vibrational anxiety and distress.
. Even though you fall, at times, you are quick to raise yourself up.
. The great awakening is all about you and the change-over you are all bringing forward.
. Trust in yourselves to be where you need to be at the right time.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. It is quite important that we work with you to be the ones spreading the Light everywhere.
. Response to the person who sees two earths intertwined: This indeed is the birthing of the new earth coming into formation.
. Response to the person seeing auras around trees and plants: You are experiencing glimpses of other dimensional frequencies. The more conscious awareness you have, the more it will increase. Ask yourself: what is the meaning of this auric field and why is it being shown to me. When you strengthen the ability to see auras, you will see ways to assist where you have not been able to assist before.
. A question for clarification was presented that according to Charlie Ward, Jesus has reincarnated as a six year old in Australia, The response was that: this is not completely accurate. There is an indication that it is not Yeshua (Jesus) but an aspect of him. He has a mission and it will come to fruition at a certain point when the vibration is correct for this to occur.
. The return of the Christ is not the return of Yeshua(Jesus) directly.
. The Christ returning is all of you.

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