. It Is All About Perspective (Lord Sananda)

May 29, 2022

. Master Sananda said that he came to continue to bring messages forward.
. It is time for you to consider a matter of Perspective.
. The fear issues are everywhere across the planet.
. Forces of darkness continue to hold onto control and spread fear.
. When discernment kicks in and you feel a higher vibration, the fear dissipates.
. Think about Perspective, how long you all have been at this.
. Think back to before this evolution on earth.
. You volunteered to come here.
. You came lifetime after lifetime bereft of the Light.
. There was nothing you could do to help the collective.
. Forgetting again and again who you are.
. Certain lifetimes remembering and having the gifts of spirit once again.
. This lifetime, so far into the future from where you began this journey.
. You are on the cusp of bringing to an end this system buster career.
. In the larger Perspective, this is your career, not a job, a career.
. The end of that long journey. The finish line is within your reach.
. Perspective: the larger picture of the great universal plan and a small show happening in front of you now.
. The precipice of ascension is right here.
. No longer feel disconsolate or depressed.
. You are not seeing what you want to see.
. You are seeing what you need to see.
. Continue to realize how great an accomplishment you have all brought to this point of this journey together.
. One Who Serves responded to questions. Highlights below:
. We all have been working a program with you.
. We are taking you step by step to the point where you are beginning to work with your Light Body.
. The next step we are moving from your Light Body to your Rainbow Body.
. That is coming.
. A show is playing out in front of you.
. The truths are coming forward.
. As the vibrations increase across the planet, it is difficult for the forces of darkness to stay in the background.
. You are already unplugging from the Matrix.
. The movie, the Matrix, was meant to bring forth disclosure of the truth in many
different ways.
. After the event, the landing of the ships, then you will have the opportunity to be brought onto the ships.
. You will be allowed to make a choice as to what you want to do next.
. Many will take rest and relaxation for a time.
. Then you will jump back into the swing of things.
. Take what Sananda gave you about Perspective.
. Everything that is happening now is miniscule in the great universal plan.

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