. All Is Being Done In The Right Divine (Lord Sananda)

. Lord Sananda brings forward understanding of what is happening on earth.

. Social distancing was initiated by the dark ones to create fear and division.

. The plans of the dark are foiled one after another.

. The Light Forces are far beyond the forces of darkness.

. The Decree went out across the solar system and the galaxy.

. The Decree is that the dark forces no longer have sway on the planet.

. Planet Earth is for yourselves and others in the times to come.

. Planet Earth will become a great point of light within the galaxy.

. As the frequency vibrations rise, more truth will come forward.

. You are the wayshowers for many after the awakening concludes.

. Larger dominoes will make their great fall.

. Be patient.  Continue to look beyond the illusion.

. Nothing is as it appears to be.

. Media sources sprinkle the truth less and less.

. The dark forces are extremely desperate in these times.

. The dark forces are losing their ability to manipulate change on the planet.

. More people realize the falsehood and see through the schemes.

. The greatest plan is becoming fulfilled.  Be ready.

. Everything is opening up to all of you.  

. Remember fully who you are.

. One Who Serves and Shoshana respond to questions.

. Bashar is very astute in what he brings forward.

. Monoatomic gold goes back to the Anunaki.

. The Anunaki were working to bring back their atmosphere on their planet.

. Monoatomic gold can be used to restore your health.

. Soon many formulations will come forth to raise the health of all.

. Planet earth is largely fluent with gold.

. The Anunaki raised the consciousness of primitive humans.

. This was done to get humans to work for the Anunaki.

. At first the Anunaki did the mining.  Then they became the Gods.

. During this transition time on earth some people were chosen to volunteer.

. They were chosen because of their skills achieved in past lifetimes.

. In past lifetimes, the skills were beyond the consciousness of a human.

. For example, many created worlds and even galaxies in past lifetimes.

. In Virginia, the Fema camps and the EBS were taken over by the Light forces.

. EBS means the emergency broadcasting system.

. Everything is on track here.

. Continue to see through and beyond the illusion.

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