Delta Force Arrests Klaus Schwab

By Michael Baxter -April 15, 2024

A Delta Force strike team arrested 86-year-old World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab Friday following a deadly firefight that started at the fortified gate at his 7,770-square-foot, six-acre compound in Switzerland and ended in his bed-chamber, where the death-bringing geezer lay in bed hooked up to a self-dispensing Adrenochrome infusion machine, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

The overdue arrest came after White Hats formally labeled Schwab an international war criminal based on undisclosed evidence showing that he helped orchestrate the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset—the dismantlement of capitalism, the dissolution of private property rights, and the enslavement or eradication of all resistance, globally.

According to our source, White Hats also had a grudge against Schwab. After the WEF spent 32 hours discussing Disease X—a deadly, emerging, manufactured contagion for which COVID-19 was a practice run—at January’s “rebuilding trust” (the irony) conference in Davos, White Hats obtained credible intelligence suggesting that a shipment of a Disease X “component” would arrive at the Port of San Francisco, aboard an Iberian-flagged freighter, on February 6. When the vessel arrived, White Hats were waiting. They raided the ship and found in the hold coolers of a glassy, viscous liquid stored in beakers and flasks. Suspended in the liquid were shimmering silver flecks no larger than a piece of dandruff. The ship’s crew claimed ignorance, saying they were merely transporting “engine lubricant,” per the ship’s manifest. A White Hat Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) team seized the shipment, rushing it to Fort Leonard Wood for chemical analysis. The liquid turned out to be soapy water, and the flecks were micro-fine cosmetic glitter used by women to accentuate their eyes. One cooler held a typewritten note: “Fooled you.”

The duping, our source admitted, enraged General Smith, for it consumed time and resources, but was only a tertiary reason for pursuing “one of the most prolific criminals in human history.”

“On April 5 the general and his allies at Army Special Operations Command planned Schwab’s capture. Intelligence, and we hoped it was more solid than the boat intel, said Schwab was pretty much bedridden but protected by a massive security force. There was no sneaking in—the general had blueprints to his home-fortress—and a gunfight seemed certain, and reaching Schwab before his people hustled him into his panic room,” our source said.

He wouldn’t say how or when Delta arrived in Switzerland or whether Swiss authorities participated in the operation, as fusillades of gunfire would certainly alert local authorities and, perhaps, the federal police.

“We knew it would be a run-and-gun op. And the decision was to do it this weekend,” he said. “I’m not going to bullet point our tech, but we can, from a distance, temporarily disable pretty much any alarm system on the planet, and his was no exception.”

The operation commenced in the predawn hours, the window of circadian low, defined as the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., when physiological sleepiness is greatest and performance capabilities—such as reacting to an armed incursion–are lowest. Delta hoped to find some guards asleep or drowsily unvigilant.

Delta snipers with suppressor-equipped rifles shot three gate and five perimeter guards in the head. Eight shots, eight confirmed kills. Meanwhile, more Delta scaled the stone wall surrounding Schwab’s fortress and engaged a gaggle of armed goons, killing seven and grievously wounding five more. One Delta was shot in the arm and leg but kept fighting. Another got zipped by a ribbon of submachine gun fire and died.

The phalanx of gunfire continued as Delta fought their way to the front door; two soldiers set charges while six others covered them, rippling off lethal controlled bursts that dropped four more approaching guards. The door splintered into countless shards of hardwood and twisted metal—the explosion disemboweled three interior guards who were standing behind it. Delta stepped over their guts and pressed forward, clearing the house room by room and shooting dead all opposition. Four guards came wheeling around a spiral staircase face-first into a Delta barrage of bullets.

Delta’s precisely placed shots eviscerated a pair of sentries guarding the master bedroom and perforated two more standing at the foot of Schwab’s bed.

Schwab had fear in his watery eyes and an IV line running from his wrist to what looked like a morphine pump. When a soldier tore the line from his wrist, Schwab murmured, “No, I need it. Help me.”

“If it were up to me, I’d help put you out of your misery right now,” the Delta operator told him, per a debriefing report.

Delta heaved Schwab from his bed and hurriedly ushered him downstairs and outside. As Delta Force was exfiltrating the property, four guards wielding AR-15-style rifles met them at the gate, lowering their weapons at seeing Schwab in Delta’s clutches.

“Don’t shoot, we might hit the boss,” one had said.

Delta hosed them down. No survivors.

“We have four wounded and one KIA. They retrieved their fallen brother’s body. He died a hero. I won’t say where we have Schwab right now, but I will say where he’s going—GITMO. Unfortunately, ending Schwab doesn’t end WEF. We still have a lot of work to do. And we confirmed he was taking Adrenochrome—that’s what was in the machine next to his bed,” our source said.

He added that President Trump was informed about the operation and that the hospitalization trope is a Deep State cover story.

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Marines Kick FEMA Out of Tennessee

By Michael Baxter -December 14,

United States Marines on Monday unceremoniously ejected FEMA from Tennessee, where agents of the criminal agency had hoped to terrorize and loot God-fearing citizens whose lives turned to shambles after a freak winter tornado outbreak struck parts of Nashville and Clarksville Saturday night.

The violent twisters killed six, injured dozens, left thousands without power, and flattened homes, motivating city managers to phone Washington for federal disaster relief. When Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts called FEMA Region 4 Administrator Robert Samaan, he was told FEMA was already packing its bags for a road trip to the Volunteer State. Neither Pitts nor Samaan knew they had an eavesdropper on the line; White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) overheard the conversation and notified their associates at General Smith’s Camp Pendelton office.

A source in Gen. Smith’s office told R e a l R a w N e w s that White Hat leadership arranged for Marine expeditionary units to visit the storm-stricken regions, but he admitted that FEMA arrived in Tennessee ahead of the Marines.

“It wasn’t sluggishness on our part. It’s an issue of resource allocation. We’re presently involved in takedowns and national and international operations, clearing a path for President Trump when he officially retakes office on or before January 2025,” our source said.

Within hours of arriving in Tennessee Monday evening, the Marines began hearing stories about FEMA operatives robbing people blind. The Marines spoke with a man huddled beside his wife outside the splintered remains of their home. He told the Marines he had grabbed his emergency cash—about $2000—and a few family heirlooms and fled the house moments before a twister dropped down on it, shredding it like beets in a blender. The couple sought shelter with friends that night, with plans to find a vacant hotel room the following afternoon. While en route to the hotel, which tripled its rates, obviously price gouging, the husband and wife made a grave error: They made a pitstop at a FEMA aid station to fill out relief recovery forms and get a few bottles of water.

Before acknowledging the man’s concerns, FEMA wanted to know if he was armed. The man foolishly confessed he had a pistol in the glovebox, which FEMA said it must inspect to ensure the safety of its personnel. He told the Marines he capitulated to mollify the agitated agents and avoid a confrontation, as the agents carried sidearms on their hips. He claimed FEMA “seized” his lawfully owned Sig Saur P365 under the auspices of federal “Red Flag” laws.

“They said to me they was taking my gun because I was jittery and unpredictable. Yeah, I was nervous—I had four FEMA breathing down my neck interrogating me and all we wanted was the paperwork and water,” the man told a Marine lieutenant.

Having stolen the man’s pistol, FEMA then asked whether he was carrying “surplus” cash. Angered and confused, he bitingly said he had two grand so he and his wife wouldn’t have to sleep in the streets or bother friends for temporary lodging. FEMA insisted he show them the money—to determine if he qualified for immediate “financial assistance.” Agitated beyond the ability to coherently express himself, the man opened his billfold and counted 23 $100 bills, saying, “See, that’s all we got.”

The FEMA agent-in-charge glanced at him incredulously and said, “Why did you tell me you only had two thousand when there’s twenty-three hundred here? What else aren’t you telling us? What else aren’t you declaring?”

The man informed the agent he had no more, that Bidenomics had bankrupted him, and that he lived paycheck to paycheck, scraping together what he could to pay the mortgage on his now-demolished home and provide for his unemployed wife.

“Now I know you’re lying,” the agent reportedly told him, “because wages are increasing and the economy is booming. We’re confiscating this cash unless you can prove you gainfully earned it. We can do that under civil asset forfeiture laws.”

Broke, defenseless, and unable to afford a hotel room, the man and his wife had to seek refuge with neighbors whose homes survived the storm.

“It’s not that the Marines didn’t believe this story. In fact, it aligned with FEMA’s past actions. They did want firsthand confirmation,” our source said.

Monday afternoon, a Marine sergeant disguised himself as a displaced storm refugee. He had replaced his uniform with dirty jeans and an oversized hoodie, and he had pulled a knit cap over his head to hide his high and tight haircut, a telltale sign he might be military. He tucked a sidearm in the back of his waistband before approaching the FEMA “aid station” while his fellow Marines lurked a short distance away and watched his every move.

“Hold it there, buddy, you don’t look so healthy,” a FEMA goon said as the Marine neared the aid station. “Are you sick? Have you been in contact with anyone who’s had Covid in the last 14 days?”

The sergeant said he was in perfect health but was concerned about looters ransacking and pillaging what remained in his dilapidated home.

“Do you have cash or gold there? Or on your person?” the FEMA agent asked.

“Well, no, I just need some water please,” the Marine sergeant said.

“What do you have to barter?” said the FEMA agent. “If you don’t have anything on you, we can browse what’s in your rubble.”

“Well, I do have something,” the sergeant said.

“And what’s that?” the FEMA guy said.

“This!” the sergeant exclaimed, drawing his sidearm and putting two bullets in the agent’s chest. He then switched targets, emptying his magazine into the two other FEMA hoods who had been chuckling raucously only a second ago.

The Marines found a lockbox with $16,500 in cash and gold jewelry at FEMA’s relief station.

Systematically, Marine reconnaissance and scout/sniper squads assaulted six FEMA aid stations around the Clarksville and Nashville areas, reportedly killing or grievously wounding 27 FEMA personnel and forcing 50 more to flee the disaster area.

According to our source, the Marines destroyed four FEMA vehicles trying to flee Nashville along Interstate 24, and they recovered over $140,000 in stolen cash and jewelry from  FEMA aid stations in Clarksville and Nashville.

“We don’t have a full battle damage assessment yet, but we’ve pushed the federal marauders out. We had some minor injuries—no fatalities. We’re making sure these poor people get their money and belongings back,” our source said.

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Portal 12/12 – Saint Germain’s message for all humanity By Ngari

We can now announce the complete victory of light! Let every citizen of Earth know that the light has won! The black hats have surrendered unconditionally, as the Source of All That Is has ruled. They are leaving the planet, which now begins to enjoy the freedom so hard won. All wars cease immediately. A global armistice has been declared.

The Nazis, who were not defeated in 1944, but now, cease to exist and Ukraine is free of that terrible scourge. That was the reason Putin supposedly “invaded” Ukraine. It was to liberate that country from the Nazis. To put an end to their secret laboratories, where they played at being gods and committed horrendous crimes against humanity. Now the whole truth comes to light.

Emergency System (EBS) broadcasts are set to begin globally. All television antennas and social networks will be closed. Three documentaries of eight hours each will be broadcast through Starlink satellites, over three days. Each one in the language of the country where they reside. The truth will be exposed for all citizens of planet Earth.

After that, the quantum internet is going to replace the current one. NESARA and Gesara, which are the same law, with the difference that NESARA is in the United States and Gesara globally, will see the light of day in the 209 Sovereign Nations that signed them. The changes that all of you are going to witness will be great.

It is literally the end of an Age (of Pisces) and the beginning of the Golden Age of Aquarius. I ask each and every one of you to maintain peace and remain focused and serene in the face of everything that comes. Know that the world you leave behind is falling apart, to make room for the new and wonderful world that arrives. In this new world of high vibration, there are no dark feelings, emotions or actions.

Only love, benevolence, peace, and abundance for all. The entire company of heaven, the galactic brothers and the white hats of the Alliance are here to ensure that all of this is accomplished. It is about the fulfillment of the divine plan for Earth. Together with humanitarians we will soon be rebuilding all the destruction left by darkness, in a different framework.

We will be building a full-fledged galactic society, with all that that entails. I am Saint Germain, the avatar of the new Age of Aquarius and forever at the service of that humanity that I love so much.

Welcome everyone to the Golden Age! The victory of light is now a reality!

23.11.06 – False Flag Prevented

White Hats this week prevented the Deep State from staging a False Flag attack that could have injured or killed thousands of spectators at the World Series champion’s Texas Rangers parade in Arlington, sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office told R e a l R a w N e w s ……… more

. 23.11.05 – Jesus Message, Jag Arrested, Benjamin Fulford and David Rodriguez, Charlie Ward & Chris Sky, Clinton Crime Family

. The Second Coming of The Christ [Consciousness] (Lord Jesus / Sananda)

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time, in these very perplexing times that you are in at this point.

How so many of you over the many thousands of years, many thousands of lifetimes you have had, you have succumbed to the programming, just like everyone else has. But deep down within each and every one of you, you have a knowing. You have a spirit that needs to break free. And that is what is happening now: you are breaking free. Your spirit, your soul is breaking free now, breaking free of the ties and the binds that have held you down for so many lifetimes. But no longer. Because the old programming is fading away more and more ……….. more

. New York Attorney Letitia James Arrested

United States Navy JAG investigators on Tuesday arrested New York Attorney General Letitia James of treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors following an investigation that began shortly after she and her criminal associates filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Trump Organization, a JAG source told R e a l R a w N e w s ….. more

. Benjamin Fulford & David Rodriguez – Enter The Ring

. New Charlie Ward & Chris Sky on an Explosive The Insider’s Club!

. The Clinton Crime Family

. Full Disclosure Would Accelerate the Process of Awakening

Nov 3, 2023

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak,

I am Kejraj.The full disclosure on the existence of benevolent extraterrestrials and their presence in your skies would expand the human collective consciousness in a positive way in a matter of hours, and accelerate the process of awakening.

It is precisely this which the dark ones do not want, for this would accelerate the shift even more. While the dark’s plans and their very existence would vanish from your reality. You would begin to see a new world manifest in real time within weeks.

Your friends and family from the stars are with you. It is time to let go of the fear from demonic entities for they simply do not posses the power that those who still abide by religious doctrine give them. Your skies and planet Earth are being guarded and monitored by beings of light, who are in service to the true Divine Radiant Creator.

Were it not for their intervention and presence, your world would be swept by wars worse than prior times. However, the opposite is happening now. For there is a great opportunity, a higher light being offered to humanity at this time.We ask that you remain open to receiving this higher light, and work on integrating it in your being, as you feel your Heart’s energy field expand, leaving no room for fear and worry, as new truths come your way, which are to propel you into a new reality.

Breathe, breathe deeply, and feel the changes within you, prepare to see them manifest in the outer world as well. You are now waking up from the nightmare, rising like the phoenix, into a new world of light, love, peace, unity with all.

art by

. 23.11.03 – Father / Mother ADONAI, Zionism Unmasked, Reflections, The Third Temple

. Zionist Regime Unmasked

. Father Mother ADONAI – We Take Over Total Governance of The Planet

Nov 3, 2023

Greetings Emanuel and Pastor,

I am your Father and Mother Adonai Nebadon Nebadonia. This morning I wanted to stop by to say hi and bless them, to give them all my love and support. I want to bring you great news this morning. They saw how I sat on a Throne which symbolizes absolute protection and direction.

We are taking control, protecting and directing the planet.Most deviating beings, who got in the way of the plan. The great brains that have been behind this entire network of evil, malevolent control of the planet have already been expelled from the influences of human minds and consciences.There is no more control of these forces on the planet.

We can already uproot, dismantle, first, the great electromagnetic mesh had already been dismantled, but it must be uprooted, disconnected, first of all, from human minds and consciences. What I take this opportunity to call for reflection to all my children of the planet, to wake up and stop being dominated by control, because that is all that is left in your minds and hearts. Because already, like I said, he’s breaking apart, he’s managed to separate himself from all this new scaffolding, all this New Earth, all that old control matrix.Point by point, we have recovered every area, every place, systems, of the new and old matrix of dark forces on your planet, from those wrong children.

Now, as I said and repeat, all you need is to do is unprogramming and unplug from your minds all those programs these forces have installed in your minds, in many of you.Will you say Mom Dad what will we start? In front of all my loved ones, they root out fear, fear because when they feel like they’re going to give up on something, the first thing they feel is fear. The fear of not living according to what is known and the great majority lives in the clutches of materialism, in the cluthes of dictations of the matrix, fashion, social commitments, customs. I’m not saying don’t keep habits, but habits that are good for the soul that are for your inner and spiritual growth.Get rid of all that, that offers them appetizing dishes because of speed, food, food, I would call them poisoned, because everything they produce in the big malls, food they call garbage, it all comes with a big poison. I call it poison because it damages the body and its functioning system.

Get rid of all the addictions that the old matrix instilled in you. Get rid of addictions, alcohol, cigarettes, all those addictions, substances, drugs and all those substances that only harm your physical body, so as not to allow them to advance in their configuration as bodies of light, as bodies of Avatar on Earth.Get rid of the pharmaceutical drugs, all those substances, all those amounts of chemicals, that you’ve been taught to remove from the slightest headache, as they call it, the smallest stomach ache, to the most serious illnesses. For everything there is a natural component, which nature offers them.

This is my beloved and others, the need to own and possess, to have money as if money were the great panacea of the world and they forget to cultivate the heart, spirit, love, peace, they live sometimes, like demons between wings, because money does not achieve, because they work and work and money don’t make them happy, money doesn’t match the expectations of the lifestyles you wish to live due to the imposition of the matrix. They owe themselves and owe themselves with credit cards, with loans and with the thousand traps that the financial system of the matrix sets for them to fall, they owe themselves, so they live in debt and it leaves peace for their souls, in their hearts.

Beloved, from this and so many other programs that put them in the cinema, in those movies that Hollywood puts on to fix behaviors, to implant them, because that’s what they do, implant their minds. They put them in alien invasion situations, something further from the truth, beloved, because the brothers of peace, light, love come to help and not to invade and have been helping mankind for thousands and millions of years, this is no exception.We know that there have been civilizations that implanted themselves, hybridized, looking for genetics, how to reproduce in them, as reptilian genetics most of all and cannot be reproduced, because these genetics are for warm-blooded beings. But they tried a thousand ways and failed.

Take these codes that Father Mother Adonai put on all srus children of light and love. Alright my beloved children I wouldn’t end up defying situations that mother’s put on you. I’m just telling you dears all these network, matrix level situations have been completely liberated, you just need to unprogram them individually.

They don’t pick up any of these installed programs anymore, they start working on the New Consciousness, the New Light, Love Programs. Beloved Sons, they are working in the New Earth, that is why I am already taking control of this whole plan that we fortunately can oust all those controllers of office, that they have had for times, decades, eras, thousands and millions. of years.

Cheers to the New AgeLive to New Energy, live in infinite love, Inner of you for All and of All for you. Empower each one, as I am strengthening myself today from this planet that was in the clutches of the forces of darkness, of my deviating children, who are now being released into the Light, into the Universe of Light of Father Mother Adonai.

Deprogram and live the new experience of new energies, because we are already in the New Time.Beloved children, and do not worry about what is coming, because everything is calculated to serve everyone and to plan as it should be. Always in harmony and in Divine Order, for the good of all humanity and all the children of Father Mother Adonai in Infinite Light.

I love and bless you all. Follow the path of light and unprogram my beloved children. They release, redefine those thoughts, those habits. Install new software but light of loveI bid farewell,

I am Father Mother Adonai, Nebadon, Nebadonia.

Emmanuel and Pastor – Service Holy Mountain of ERKS 11/02/2019

Ishtar Ashtar Adonai

. Reflections – We Came to Israel and Left Palestine

. The Third Temple

. 23.11.02 – The WHO, The Khazarian Mafia, Mathew Ward Timely Message, Forces of Light Victory

Nov 2, 2023

. Rochefellers = The Khazarian Mafia @ 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue LP

. The End of “The WHO” Tyranny

. Awakened Populace – A message from Matthew Ward

. The Definitive Victory Of The Forces Of Light

Saint Germain


I am Saint Germain

Dear friends

It is with immense joy that I announce to you the definitive victory of the forces of Light.

The movie is over.

The darkness is being removed from the planet.

The theater can no longer continue covering the sleeping with illusion.

Lies and deception find no refuge in reality.

Everything is progressing according to plan.

And the few who remain to be arrested no longer have anywhere to hide.

As I have announced in previous communications, the redemption began and continues in silence.

We don’t want to alert the enemy.

Additionally, they all have signed non-disclosure contracts.

They can’t speak.

We know that waiting leaves many impatient, but it is a matter of security.

And it’s more of a falling domino.

Furthermore, all religions are under suspicion and will equally fall.

One by one.

Only spirituality remains, which will be Universal.

The official announcement of NESARA GESARA is not long in coming.

And that will be the initial framework of the new golden era of peace, love and abundance for all citizens of that planet.

The low vibrations definitively leave that quadrant of the Universe.

The high vibrations of the Fifth 5D Dimension will reign, which will be maintained by all those who, at the soul level, have decided to stay to build the new Earth.

Unite in the vibration of love!

You can now celebrate the Victory of the Light!

I am your brother Saint Germain.

That he loves you unconditionally.

I am Saint Germain

. New Speaker of the House is Zionist Evangelical Christian Who Wants Americans to Believe He was Ordained by God to Support Israel and Destroy Palestinians

By Brian Shillhavy

Well the rumors that there might be some kind of major false flag event that would throw the world into chaos and threaten Americans so much that they would do anything, including making former President Donald Trump the next Speaker of the House, who is second in line to become President after the Vice President, was put to rest yesterday (at least for now) as a fellow Zionist and Trump supporter was elected as Speaker of the House instead.

Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson has been elected as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, with unanimous Republican support.

Johnson is a Zionist Evangelical Christian, and his first act as the newly elected Speaker of the House was to draw up a resolution supporting the current government in Israel.

Speaker Mike Johnson called up a resolution supporting Israel in his first action as leader of the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, after a three-week leadership vacuum that left the Republican-led chamber unable to respond to the Middle East crisis.

“The first bill I’m going to bring to this floor in a little while will be in support of our dear friend Israel and we are overdue in getting that done,” Johnson said as he accepted the speakership. (Source.)

Like many other U.S. politicians in recent days, Johnson apparently is also calling for the genocide of the Palestinian people, who at the time of this writing, have reportedly seen over 7,000 of their people killed in the recent conflict, many of them women and children.

“We must elect a Speaker so the House can take all necessary action to end Hamas forever,” Johnson recently tweeted.

Like most Zionist Christians, Mike Johnson believes the whole world should support Israel, based on a verse in the Bible that was recorded thousands of years ago to Abraham in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. “Blessed are those who bless Israel.”

But here is the entire verse in its actual context in the Bible:

The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you. I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all nations on earth will be blessed through you.” (Genesis 12:1-3)

It is interesting how Zionists seem to leave out about the part about “all nations on earth will be blessed through you.”

Jesus Christ said something similar to his disciples just before he left the earth:

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20)

For modern day Zionist Christians, apparently “all nations” here only applies to non-Muslim nations who support the modern day government of Israel.

Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of God’s statement to Abraham back in Genesis 12:1-3, and this is supposed to be the “Good News” or “gospel” message that those who follow Jesus are supposed to proclaim.

Consider Abraham: “He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

Understand, then, that those who believe are children of Abraham.

The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles (non-Jews) by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.”

So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith. (Galatians 3:6-9)

One has to be severely deceived and even dishonest to read the New Testament portion of the Bible and claim that God is commanding everyone today to “bless” modern day Israel.

Jesus made it very clear that his followers and disciples would be blessed by following him, not an ethnic group or political nation, and he also stated that it would be his disciples who would be persecuted.

If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you. (Jesus – John 15:18-19)

You will be betrayed even by parents, brothers, relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death. (Luke 21:16)

All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved. (Matthew 10:22)

They will put you out of the church; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. (John 16:2)

Jesus also made it extremely clear that only Jews who believed in him would be blessed, and that the Jews who did not believe in him would not be saved by their nationality, because they were children of the Devil.

To the “disciples”:

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32)

To the unbelieving Jews:

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire.

He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don’t you believe me?

He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.” (John 8:44-47)

So for the new Speaker of the House, as well as for tens of millions of Zionist Evangelical Christians, they somehow believe that the United States will be “blessed” by supporting the demonic leaders of modern day Israel.

And they have no qualms with participating in destroying all of modern day Israel’s enemies who are among the “all nations” that are supposed to hear the Good News and be blessed by the true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Is it possible that Speaker Johnson is ignorant of these facts, and the teaching of Paul in the New Testament that clearly explain that the real “Jews” who inherit the promises of Abraham are the true disciples of Jesus Christ?

No, we know that Speaker Johnson is familiar with the teachings of Paul in the New Testament, because he just quoted Paul in public from Paul’s letter to the Romans in the Bible:

In a later speech on the Capitol steps, Johnson framed his leadership goals by citing Romans 5:3–4.

“I was reminded of the Scripture that says ‘Suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope,’” he said. “What we need in this country is more hope.” (Source.)

And yet, here is what Paul wrote in that same letter just a couple of chapters earlier:

A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God. (Romans 2:28-29)

Modern-day Zionist Christian theology was started by Freemason theologians like Darby and Scofield who also introduced the doctrine of “cessationism,” the idea that miracles and the “sign gifts” of the Holy Spirit, such as “healing”, do not occur today, so that the Bible could be reconciled with another academic scholar of their day, Charles Darwin, the father of Darwinian evolution.

Get Ready for Unprecedented Censorship all in the name of “Antisemitism”

How long will it be now before people like me who dare to publish the opposing view of Christian Zionism, or publish the other side of the current conflict in the Middle East that is mostly censored in the Corporate Media and even in most of the Right-Conservative Alternative Media, are rounded up and locked away for being “Antisemitic”?

In Florida, college and university students, where freedom of speech should be welcome, are allegedly being forced to disband if they have anything to do with Palestinians that don’t fit in with the Zionist views of Evangelical Christianity.

The U.S. Government is even trying to censor journalists outside the U.S. who live in Muslim countries for not supporting Israel.

Blinken Told Qatar To ‘Tone Down’ Al Jazeera’s Biased Anti-Israel Coverage

In a moment that hearkens back to the Bush administration’s spat with the Arab media network’s coverage of the start of the Iraq War, the Biden White House is bring pressure to bear against Al Jazeera, as it’s not happy with its coverage of Gaza

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has sought the mediation of the Qatari government to get the Doha-based channel to “tone down” its perceived anti-Israel coverage and rhetoric.

According to an exclusive in Axios, Blinken on Monday said before a closed-door group of Jewish leaders that he “asked the Qatari prime minister less than two weeks ago to tone down Al Jazeera’s rhetoric about the war in Gaza, according to three people who attended the meeting.” (Source.)

Do you Zionist Evangelical Christians not understand how supporting modern-day Israel will eventually lead to your belief in Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah also being declared illegal as hate speech and “antisemitic”?

This is actually already a matter of law in the U.S., with the passing of the Noahide Laws.

Former Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, who was in office when these laws were passed, has sounded the alarm over just what these laws mean.


by Bill Dannemeyer (husband of Dr. Lorraine Day)
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992


Your U.S. government can now legally kill Christians for the “crime” of worshiping Jesus Christ! A diabolic deception has been perpetrated on the American people by their OWN leaders, Senators and Congressmen, who have sold their soul to the devil.

On March 5, 1991, in the House of Representatives, and March 7, 1991, in the U.S. Senate, without any knowledge of, or input by, the people of the United States, U.S. Senators and Congressmen passed a law that is so outrageous – and frankly unconstitutional – that it forces the American people to be bound by a set of monstrous rules, called the Noahide Laws, rules that make the belief in Jesus Christ a crime punishable by decapitation by guillotine!

On March 20, 1991, President George H.W. Bush, a supposed Christian, signed the bill into law.

Before you respond, “NO, that cannot be – not in our free country!” let me explain.

The passage of this law, HJ Res. 104, is especially troublesome to me because I was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time it was passed.

Even worse, I was in the House Chamber the very day that is was passed, voting on other legislation.

Yet I, as a U.S. Congressman, had NO KNOWLEDGE that it had been passed or even that it was to be brought up for a vote.

How could this be? How could the deception be so pervasive that those of us who had sworn to uphold our country’s Constitution, particularly those of us (few, indeed) who really took our position seriously as the protectors of the people, could be totally in the dark regarding the content of this bill and its passage by the leaders of this country – by treachery and deceit?

Here’s how it happened! (Read the full article here.)

Bill Dannemeyer died in 2019. His wife, Dr. Lorraine Day, also covered this in a 1-hour interview with Israeli News Live:

Dr. Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws

Israeli News Live had a special guest that is sure to have many people thinking. Watch as we get to the truth on a number of bizarre topics. Dr Lorraine Day shares with us on the Noahide Laws and how they were subtly signed while her husband was a US Congressman. she exposes the secret societies and the Elite Zionist that are leading us to a New World Order.

I do not believe that what is stated here about the Noahide Laws are conspiracy theories, because a Jewish reader named Amy Reissner recently emailed me and stated that the Noahide Laws are real.

One if the hallmarks of Judaism is the Torah given to the Jewish people. Jewish people who are Torah observant live by the covenant and try to perform the 614 commandments. We were given the Torah to bring G-D’s light to the world.

The Noahide laws, which include the 10 commandments are for people not of the Jewish faith. Not sure where you get your beliefs from but Jesus was Jewish and he was not and is not the messiah. Once meshiach comes, the Divine light of peace and holiness and salvation will arrive on Earth. (Personal email sent to Brian Shilhavy as Editor of Health Impact News.)

Of course Amy’s views are not representative of all Jews, as I know some readers of Health Impact News who are Jews who live in Israel and have also accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

And remember, Jesus himself prophesied that his disciples would be murdered simply for believing in him. (See verses quoted above.)

Almost all of the original 12 disciples of Jesus, referred to as “apostles” which means “ambassadors” or “emissaries”, were executed for their faith in Jesus, with maybe the exception of John, who was part of the inner 3 closest friends of Jesus, along with Peter and John’s brother James.

James was the apostle of Jesus who was one of the first to be executed:

And about that time, Herod the king put forth his hands, to do evil to certain of those of the assembly, and he killed James, the brother of John, with the sword. (Acts 12:1-2)

And they were all Jews, Jews who were disciples of Jesus, executed by the Satanic Jews.

Here is a short list of the major sins currently being committed by Zionist Evangelical Christians, although certainly not all Christians, as I also used to be an Evangelical Christian (but was never a Zionist), and I know many good people who have not yet left Evangelical Christianity.

There are quite a few more sins than these, but these are the major ones that should convince any true disciple of Jesus Christ to leave the Zionist Churches, just as the early disciples had to leave their churches run by Satanic Jews, usually referred to as “synagogues.”