. Special Forces-Spetznas Team Crushes Adrenochrome Cartel in Ukraine

By Michael Baxter -October 21, 2023

As the world awaits Israel’s next move in Gaza, a battle of equal significance has been raging like an unstoppable inferno in Eastern Europe: the fight to finally demolish Ukrainian child trafficking syndicates and Adrenochrome farms, two goals inextricably linked since the criminal Biden regime began funding Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his criminal coconspirators in early 2022.

In August, R e a l R a w N e w s exclusively reported on a joint U.S. Special Forces-Russian Spetznas team that joined forces, pooling their abilities, to search for missing children in Ukraine and Poland, as approved by General Eric M. Smith and Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Their directive also included destroying Adrenochrome laboratories and their operators, middlemen, and honchos.

According to sources in Gen. Smith’s offices and at the FSB, Russia’s Federal Security Service, the joint unit capsized a multi-billion-dollar Adrenochrome cartel that had been operating with impunity along the Ukraine-Poland border. Sources said the unit spent the first half of October dismantling the Radchenko Cartel, which kidnapped countless children, sucked their adrenal glands dry, and, after nourishing them back to reasonable health, sold them to pedophiles and into sex slavery. Reportedly, children can be drained several times before adrenal fluid becomes inert.

The FSB said Petro Radchenko’s cartel was indirectly financed by the Biden regime and handled fifty percent of Adrenochrome exported beyond Ukraine’s borders.

“Your fake pResident Biden gives the dog Zelenskyy money. Zelenskyy gives it to the cartels. The cartels make and ship the Adrenochrome,” FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told RRN.

Principal intelligence leading to the cartel’s holdings came from electronic devices belonging to Mykola Taran, the Adrenochrome peddler Special Forces/Spetznas killed in August. Data on Taran’s hard drives led the elite commandos to an unguarded shipping warehouse in Ustyluh, Ukraine, less than a mile from the border into Poland.

On paper, the building was leased to Neptune Company Ltd., “the only domestic manufacturer of chewing gum for children with stickers and tattoos for especially young children under 15 years in Ukraine,” according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade website.

Special Forces/Spetznas surveilled the building and saw no bubblegum or tattoos, and whoever had occupied the warehouse appeared to have departed hastily, leaving behind three dozen medical-grade refrigerators, often used to chill Adrenochrome, and 6,000 grams of fentanyl, one of several synthetic opioids common in Adrenochrome formulations. They also found the decomposed remains of a man with a bullet in his head and whose identification and cell phone the killers had conveniently left at the scene. Spetznas knew him as Sergei Nicholas, a prolific Ukrainian drug trafficker with a penchant for peddling drugs to school kids. For reasons unknown, the cartel had apparently whacked its henchman.

The Special Forces-Spetznas team set explosive charges and destroyed the building.

Information on Nicholas’ phone led the team across the border into Hrubieszów, Poland, where they sought a man named Arek Ordyan and his wife, Tamara. These international Adrenochrome brokers masqueraded as itinerant civil rights activists while on hiatus from moving thousands of liters of refined Adrenochrome across Europe and into the United States. According to the FSB, the Ordyans were friends of Zelenskyy and the Radchenko Cartel’s most profitable salespeople.

Among their 13 homes in seven countries was a charming two-story house with trimmed front and rear lawns, manicured shrubbery, a vine trellis, a white picket fence, and four Kalashnikov-toting security guards walking the perimeter. The unit dealt with the guards and entered the home. They found the couple stoned out of their minds on Adrenochrome in an upstairs bedroom beside a pair of depleted infusion bags. The woman tried to speak, but her words came out slow and odd, incoherently, while Arek Ordyan displayed unnatural strength, lifting a 200-pound cement pedestal with one hand and hurling it at a Spetznas. If the pharmaceutical cocktail enhanced strength, it did not confer invulnerability to bullets. Rounds from the Spetznas’ AK-74s and Special Forces’ M4 carbines lit Arek up like a Christmas tree. He lay dead on a shag carpet saturated in blood. His wife wore an expressionless face, devoid of emotion. “It’s just a little candy,” she said. She then tried to parley, offering the unit sex for her freedom.

“You have something we want,” a Spetznas told her, “and it’s not your body.”

She glanced at her husband’s ventilated corpse. “He was just a meat sack anyway. You know the expression? I don’t even know when or where I am right now.”

“We will find out together,” the Spetznas said, and injected her with his own candy, Naxolone to counteract the Adrenochrome’s dizzying effects, and Polonium, a highly radioactive poison that can kill quickly in concentrated doses.

He showed her the syringe. “This will kill you fast. If you tell us what we need to know, and you are telling the truth, I will give you an antidote. Or you die here bleeding through every orifice,” the Spetznas said.

Real Raw News’ sources in Gen. Smith’s office and at the FSB have disputed nuances of the above interaction. FSB agent Andrei Zakharov said the U.S. Special Forcers leader opposed the poisoning, while Smith’s office said both leads agreed to poison “the bitch.”

Regardless, she talked, divulging the supposed whereabouts of Radchenko and his stockpile in Ukraine. When asked about the tens of thousands of missing and kidnapped children, she fell silent momentarily. Then she said that Rodchenko didn’t abduct children or siphon adrenochrome, that he only distributed the finished product after “others” had done the dirtiest work. The soldiers disbelieved her, but she had nothing to say except, “give me the cure!”

“Oh, there is no antidote,” she was told and was left to die.

“You know now how we do things in Russia,” the Spetznas told their American counterparts. “We do not bring the guilty to trial. It wastes time. She deserves much worse.”

Her information brought the unit back to Ukraine, where they split into two tactical teams. One penetrated the Deep State coven of Kyiv and put surveillance on Radchenko’s lavish townhouse in the wealthy Pecherskyi District, along the Dnipro River, a region magically unscathed after two years of alleged unremitting hostilities.

“We do not bomb civilians like your media says,” a Spetznas told his Special Forces associate. “We do like you. We attack only the Deep State.”

Meanwhile, the second team embarked on a lengthy trip to historic Lutsk in northwestern Ukraine, where five miles north of the city, they found an industrial park teeming with suspicious activity—8-man security teams patrolled a razor-wire fence and checked IDs of persons in vehicles wishing to pass through a single point of ingress. At least 50 cars and a dozen tractor-trailers were parked in a lot watched by surveillance cameras everywhere. A swerving gravel road outside the fence led to an uncontrolled airfield with a 5,000-foot paved runway, upon which sat an idling Antonov AN-140 turboprop. Men were loading medical coolers onto the plane. On either side of the runway, guards in technical vehicles—military jargon for a light improvised fighting vehicle, typically an open-backed civilian pickup truck or four-wheel drive vehicle, mounting a machine gun—watched the loaders and traffic entering and leaving the airstrip.

“Adrenochrome?” asked a Special Forces operator.

“Adrenochrome,” a Spetznas confirmed.

The unit, agent Zakharov told RRN, considered storming the airfield and industrial park but hesitated because they could not know whether kidnapped children were inside strapped to gurneys with needles and polyurethane tubes protruding from their necks.

“If even one child is there, they not want to risk it,” Zakharov said.

That evening, they singled out a worker, tailed him from the industrial park to his Lutsk apartment, and intercepted him at his doorstep. When a Special Forces soldier threatened to slice the man’s throat from ear to ear, he cowered and acquiesced to demands for information, saying, though, that the industrial park held no children, only 250,000 liters of refrigerated Adrenochrome and a paramilitary force large enough to wage a small war. He said if he didn’t report to work at 6:00 a.m. the following day, that force would investigate his absence.

“You tell me the truth about how many children are in there and we will let you live,” a Spetznas told him.

“No children. I swear,” the worker replied.

“If you lie, we’ll come for you. We’ll come for your family. If you have no family, then your friends. No one you know, not even your dog, if you have one, will be safe,” the Spetznas said.

“I swear,” the man repeated, “we have no children.”

The Spetznas sliced his throat from ear to ear and left him to bleed out.

Both teams notified Defense Minister Shoigu of their progress, and a decision was reached.

At 11:00 p.m. on October 10, an hour after the worker bled to death on his doorstep, Russian cruise missiles rained down on the Industrial Park and airfield, cratering the runway and razing the buildings until all that remained were piles of smoldering rubble and twisted steel.

As the missiles showered the park, the Kyiv team raided Radchenko’s villa, killing him, his mistress, two dozen armed guards, and, unfortunately, the 9-year-old boy Radchenko had been raping.

“The innocent sometime get caught in the fog of war. There’s no such thing as a perfect plan; it’s a myth,” our source in Gen. Smith’s office said. “This should put big dent in the Adrenochrome trade, but there’s so many kids unaccounted for still.”

“Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu calls the mission a big success,” Zakharov told RRN. “The Adrenochrome would’ve been exported to U.S. and Russia, to everywhere. The loss of young boy is tragic, but what life could he have after being repeatedly raped by that monster. He is with God now—the boy, not Radchenko. He is somewhere else.”

The team, sources said, is continuing the search for imprisoned children.

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. Marines Capture Deep State Base in Bloody Battle

By Michael Baxter -October 13, 2023

United States Marines on Wednesday captured a Deep State Army National Guard base and killed its commanding officer in what a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office called a “measured response” to Saturday’s assault on MCLB Albany, which left a dozen marines dead and twice that number wounded.

General Smith, our source said, discretely picked the target after confirming that several dead enemies belonged to the California Army National Guard’s 160th Infantry Regiment at Camp San Luis Obispo, primarily a military academy for training California and other western states National Guard units. It comprises nearly 15,000 acres of land in Camp Luis Obispo County, near the central coast of California.

According to the base’s website, it has accommodations for up to 1,500 officers and 15,000 enlisted, but those figures reflect occupancy during World War II. Between 1984 and 2021, it housed approximately 3,750 troops, VIPS, and contractors. In 2012, a man named Hussein sought to filch 1,500 acres for his fledgling FEMA Youth Corps and “Yes, We Can!” inner-city youth brigade, but for whatever reason, those evils never materialized, at least not at Camp San Luis Obispo.

Still, it underwent an anomalous transition in late 2021. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, Lloyd Austin’s Defense Department quietly evacuated the base, citing a tremendous COVID-19 outbreak and blaming one unvaccinated soldier as the vector. It would take months, Austin said, to cleanse the base of COVID-19 particulates.

Strange things happened that week. Leadership shuffling. Midnight transfer orders. Soldiers were told to pack TO&E and depart immediately for reassignment. Despite the alleged epidemic, no soldier leaving was tested for COVID-19, which is phenomenal considering the administration’s obsession with testing, vaccinating, and boosting every arm in the Armed Forces.

Austin either fabricated or exaggerated the crisis. Fumigators never arrived, and troops returned to base on January 3, 2022. But not the soldiers who had fled a week earlier. It was as though they had been Raptured and replaced with officers and enlisted loyal to Joseph Biden and Lloyd Austin. This power shift coincided with Gavin Newsom’s military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.

“We don’t see a connection, just some happenstance. What was happening was the cabal staffing entire posts with loyalists and installing commanders Lloyd Austin handpicked. They were massing and centralizing assets. After Saturday’s bloodbath, we knew where they came from, the feds and the Guardsmen,” our source said.

Some prisoners who survived the attack on MCLB Albany confessed “under duress” to following Lt. Col. Thomas Boothe’s–San Luis Obispo’s acting garrison commander–orders after being told that Marine Corps traitors refusing to acknowledge Biden’s presidency had commandeered MCLB Albany with plans to use it as a staging area to attack Democrat voters in the 2024 general election. They claimed their objective was to capture the base on behalf of the Department of Defense, and they denied accusations of being sent to liberate Deep State prisoners from MCLB Albany’s holding pen. Our source said the survivors told small truths to conceal more significant lies.

Although not mentioned by sources, RRN believes the strike on MCLB Albany may have been retaliation for the arrest of Lt. Col. Bryan Keels, who oversaw both Camp Roberts and Camp San Luis Obispo before Army CID investigators apprehended him on “suspicion of treason” in September.

Three stories accepted were FBI agents training alongside Guardsmen, Christopher Wray twice visiting the base in June, and Lt. Colonel Boothe ordering the assault on MCLB Albany.

“Gen. Smith and his advisors took the issue under advisement and, well, didn’t pussyfoot around on this one. We had a ton of Marines itching for action less than 300 miles away at Pendleton. A few platoons had just gotten home from Maui and were on some R&R, but they wanted to return to the fight. The issue was do you launch a massive attack or just go after the leadership. Based on interrogations, there were around 1,500-3,000 people at San Luis Obispo. Different prisoners gave different answers. What we lacked in C3 (a military term for intelligence; command, control & communications) we made up for in determinism [sic.], gusto, and skill,” our source said.

By Tuesday night, 800 Marines had arrived in San Luis Obispo County and erected an encampment and a mobile command center in the bucolic Irish Hills Nature Reserve. If required, more would arrive via helicopters and Ospreys.

Leadership imposed strict rules of engagement: The main goal was to take Lt. Col. Boothe and his senior staff alive, if possible, to stand trial for treason, and not wantonly slaughter Guardsmen naïve to Boothe’s agenda or whom the Deep State had led astray.

“In spite of what went down Saturday, there was a decision, not consensus, that they deserved a second chance, you know, to switch sides, for lack of a better way of phrasing it. Get Boothe, fire if fired upon, and prevent anyone from escaping—those were the orders.”

He would not say how 800 Marines arrived in the county undetected or how they blended in ahead of setting up camp.

“Marines want to live, fight, and die in uniform. The nature of this war sometimes means subterfuge. I’m not authorized to say if they were dressed as civilians or wore wigs or anything like that,” he said.

Four companies, he said, surrounded the base, each one taking a different compass direction, while two scout/sniper platoons prepared to ingress to retrieve Boothe, who, according to recent intel, would be asleep in his on-post home.

Meanwhile, communication-electronic specialists readied “cell phone jammers” to inhibit anyone on base from dialing out and deployed jammers that disrupted military radio transmissions. The Marines, our source said, relied on publicly available GMRS frequencies during the incursion.

The scout/sniper platoons used non-lethal force, paralysis darts, to subdue four armed Guardsmen patrolling the outside of Boothe’s residence.

Elsewhere, not everything went as planned. An undisciplined Marine, part of a strike team searching for other high-ranking officers on base, strolled into a sleepy barracks and unleashed a stream of fire upon a dozen Guardsmen asleep in their bunks, shouting, “Get some! Get some! This one is for Eric,” as he reloaded and racked the charging handle and fired again and again. Eric, R e a l R a w N e w s learned later, was the Marine’s familial brother and a fellow Marine. He died to Deep Staters in Maui.

Chaos ensued. As Marines dragged their grief-stricken brother from the bloody barracks, 40 or 50 Guardsmen engaged them on open ground, depressing triggers and firing as fast as they could. But no Marine was hit. Amid the turmoil, the Guardsmen didn’t realize that the magazines they were slapping into the magazine wells were loaded with blanks. In the dark and 15 yards away, the Marines had no immediate way of knowing that the Guardsmen weren’t firing live ammunition and, per ROE, fired back. The Guardsmen looked at one another in hopeless stupidity as they toppled like dominos.

Six hundred Marines stormed the base, some on foot and others in armored Hummers topped with squad automatic weapons and Mark 19 grenade launchers.

Our source said it was Marines versus Guardsmen, house to house, building to building, urban warfare style. Screeching alarms fell suddenly silent when a Marine infiltration team sabotaged and boobytrapped the power grid, plunging the base into darkness until backups tripped and a hazy crimson glow illuminated critical areas. As Marines and Guardsmen on the streets exchanged gunfire, the scout/sniper team surged into Boothe’s house and found him and a male junior officer, who had apparently been lying in bed together, hurriedly dressing for battle. The junior officer reached for a pistol on a bedstand and was shot twice in the head.

“By order of Gen. Smith and power of the United States Constitution, you’re gonna order every man under your command to cease fire and stand down,” a Marine told Boothe, who had leaned over to hold the dead man’s hand.

“And if I refuse?”

“You die right now, as a traitor,” the Marine said. “And all these men, you’ll be killing them, too.”

The Marines restored power to the base’s public address system and commanded Boothe to give the order. Boothe said he would obey to save lives, not out of cowardice. He keyed the microphone and blurted: “Fight! Fight to the last m—”

He, too, was shot in the face and died a traitor’s death.

The senior Marine on the battlefield, a battle-toughened major, was escorted around the fiercest fighting to the command center and made his own announcement over the PA system. He implored the Guardsmen, and any feds among them, to lay down arms and surrender, lest they become war casualties. No more men had to die, he said, and promised to treat all prisoners of war humanely. He said reinforcements, 5,000 Devil Dogs, would arrive within an hour, quicker than the enemy could summon its cavalry to the scene.

“Your colonel is dead. The selfish prick was all too happy for you to die with him. Think of yourselves, your fellow men, and your families. Cease all hostilities and no harm will come your way,” the major said.

The skirmishes dwindled. The gunfire faded. The Guardsmen surrendered to the Marines and were confined to quarters until further notice.

Burial details collected the dead.

The Marines fortified the perimeter.

General Smith, our source said, sent a message to Lloyd Austin, informing him that the Constitutionalist faction of the U.S. Military now controlled San Luis Obispo and that any attempt to retake it—or assault any White Hat base—would be interpreted as a further act of war and carry dire consequences.

The prisoners’ fates are yet to be determined, our source said.

“We would’ve preferred extracting Boothe alive. I don’t know if we’ll hold San Luis Obispo in the long term; no strategic value,” our source said.

When asked about the Marine who triggered the gunfight, he said, “He died in the fight.”

R e a l R a w N e w s was not immediately given casualty estimates.

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. Carrier Strike Group Drops Anchor; Defies Biden Regime!

By Michael Baxter -October 9, 2023

The Gerald Ford Carrier Battle Group dropped anchor in the Mediterranean Sunday night in a repudiation of the criminal Biden regime’s authority over United States military assets, with senior leadership saying they would not follow questionable orders that could needlessly endanger sailors and plunge the nation into an international conflict, high-ranking military sources told R e a l R a w N e w s.

On Sunday the fake president and his criminal associates—fraudulent Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, corrupt Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Charles Brown, and alleged pedophile John Kirby—announced they were sending warships to the Mediterranean Sea in response to Hamas’ rocket attack on Israel.

The carrier and its escorts are tantamount to a floating fortress, including 7,500 sailors across six surface ships, each able to start or thwart a war, and two fast-attack submarines reportedly armed with nuclear-tipped torpedoes. Its precise location in transit is kept secret for operational security, and even media aboard the ships are forbidden from broadcasting its whereabouts. However, sources told RRN the strike group was within an arm’s reach, figuratively, of Israel when Vice Adm. Thomas Ishee, Commander of the 6th Fleet, issued a fleetwide announcement to drop anchor and await further orders.

Sources said Ishee and the strike group captains held a video conference to discuss the Middle East crisis and the Biden regime’s illegitimacy. Four captains said Biden had stolen the 2020 presidential election and, therefore, his orders were invalid and unconstitutional, while two expressed uncertainties over which president–Trump or Biden–was commander in chief of the Armed Forces. Ishee said National Command Authority, a term used by the DOD to refer to the ultimate source of lawful military orders, had been compromised and that only Donald Trump, President Donald J. Trump, had the power to mobilize the fleet.

The intricacies and nuances of the conversation are unknown to Real Raw News, but we were told that after a two-hour conference, all six captains supported Ishee’s decision and told crews the ships would hold fast until further notice. At this time, RRN does not know if the ships’ captains gave crews their reason for issuing “all-stop” orders.

Our source said Ishee spoke with four Republican House Armed Services Committee members and House Judiciary Committee Chairperson Jim Jordan before conferring with the captains.

“The battle group has the support they need. It’s important to understand this isn’t about Israel or Hamas or picking sides; it’s about if a criminal and a make-believe president controls billions of dollars of hardware and service members’ lives. If President Trump tells them to go, they go. If he tells them to turn around, they turn around. It’s as simple as that. His is the deciding voice, not the cabal’s. The sailors on those ships will respect that. But some people on the Gerald Ford didn’t like it when the ship stopped,” our source said.

When Gerald Ford came to a dead stop, an on-board MSNBC film crew demanded answers. They harassed the ship’s command master chief and executive officer, demanding to speak with the captain. “Why are we stopping? We must get to Israel. Who gave this order? Does President Biden know about this?” Their cameras were confiscated, and they were tossed in the brig.

President Trump, our source said, has been apprised of the development.

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. Marine Corps Base Massacre

By Michael Baxter -October 8, 2023

As the world debated Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, another unprecedented assault occurred closer to home Saturday, with Black Hats launching a shocking attack on a White Hat installation in Georgia.

As rockets fell on Israel—questioning the efficacy of its Iron Dome—scores of federal agents, supported by Biden loyalists from the California Army National Guard, stormed the gates at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany, a non-combat post whose mission is to repair and rebuild ground combat and combat support equipment. It is home to approximately 600 Marines and 2,000 part-time civilian contractors, most of whom live on the economy. R e a l R a w News has learned the base had a secondary function—housing certain Deep State prisoners awaiting transportation to Guantanamo Bay.

The pandemonium started at 3:00 a.m. Saturday. Sentries stationed at the canopy-covered guard shacks took fire as an estimated 120 Guardsmen and criminal FBI agents appeared near the woodsy hedge line on either side of the road and blitzed the sheds. The enemies at the gate overwhelmed four Marine guards, of whom three died immediately and one retreated and radioed for assistance. Six FBI armored tactical vehicles pushed past the entrance and inched toward the detention center that held an unspecified number of Deep State detainees.

As the base went to battle stations, two Hellfire air-to-ground missiles, presumably drone-launched, struck supply and repair depots on the east and west sides of the base, respectively. Firefighters and EMTs were ambushed by insurgent Guardsmen while en route to the blast. A firewagon was destroyed, and several firefighters were killed.

By then, news of the murderous attack had reached General Eric M. Smith, who put White Hat-controlled bases nationwide on high alert in case the unprovoked assault was part of a broader invasion. He instructed the station’s commander, Col. Michael Fitzgerald, to annihilate the Deep State insurrectionists with extreme prejudice and to reinforce the detention centers.

The 16 Marines tasked with guarding the Deep State prisoners were pinned down and low on ammunition by the time backup arrived at 3:15. The enemy had emptied several magazines at the windows and launched grenades at the holding cell’s edifice. Their shells chunked the façade, but the building’s two-foot-thick reinforced masonry survived the onslaught. A 40mm grenade bounced off the concrete and landed at the feet of two Guardsmen, cutting them to ribbons when it detonated. Marine reinforcements flanked the Deep Staters and opened fire.

Elsewhere, though, feds were in “run and gun” skirmishes with Marines, trying to draw them further away from the detention block. The dead and the wounded—Marines, feds, and civilians alike—were scattered about the streets.

As the firefight raged on, an intrepid Marine platoon intuited the feds’ path and, from the rooftops, picked them off one by one, dropping a dozen as other feds, seeking an escape route, found themselves trapped in kill boxes. Some dropped their weapons and offered to surrender, but the Marines weren’t feeling merciful. Not that day.

By 3:30, every able-bodied Marine—exact count unknown—was locked, loaded, and hunting the enemy.

RRN’s source in Gen. Smith’s office later said the enemy’s brutality was unfathomable.

They ambushed civilian nurses and corpsmen who were assembling a mobile triage center. A corpsman was shot in the back while treating a Marine with a sucking chest wound.

Nearby Marines, who had just destroyed two FBI tactical trucks, overheard the screams and retaliated, gunning down a mix of feds and Guardsmen and then shielding the triage tent from more enemy incursions. The 12 Marines hunkered down and fought off several waves of attackers.

By 4:00, the echoes of enemy gunfire had diminished and receded. Ambulatory feds and guardsmen abandoned their vehicles and fled on foot.

Our source put the number of enemy casualties at 54 dead and 34 wounded. Although he would not presently disclose Marine Corps casualty metrics, he said, “Many good Marines died.”

He called the attack the most egregious escalation of conflict since the Christmas massacre at Guantanamo Bay.

“We lost a lot of good men, but this senseless attack won’t go unanswered, and it shows our combat readiness. Yeah, all Marines are trained to kill, but most of these guys weren’t seasoned fighters, and they still whooped some Deep State ass. Somehow, they learned we were keeping detainees there to be transferred. And I imagine they wanted one or more, that’s why they didn’t drop those hellfires on the jail. We relocated all of them right after it went down,” our source said.

He would not reveal which Deep Staters were held at MCLB Albany.

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. Marines Push FEMA Out of Maui

By Michael Baxter -October 1, 2023

White Hat forces in Maui have eradicated or repelled all but a handful of the felonious FEMA agents who began terrorizing the tropical paradise in the aftermath of the inexplicable blaze that razed Lahaina and surrounding towns in early August, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told R e a l R a w N e w s.

Since mid-August, United States Marines have fought with FEMA patrols in Lahaina, Kaanapali, Wailuku, Maalaea, and Pukalani, and the skirmishes resulted in the deaths of approximately 475 federal goons and, alas, 34 valiant Marines. The Marines died upholding the Constitution of the United States; the feds died trying to defend the criminal Biden regime.

On September 17, a 1st Marine Division expeditionary force penetrated “the Biden Curtain” and engaged what our source called a “massive FEMA confab,” reportedly 125 agents and several supervisors discussing Maui’s future as the preeminent smart city of the 21st Century. The Marines surprised FEMA and, as no innocent civilians were present, opened fire into the formation, killing and wounding dozens before FEMA, running in circles, commenced a disorganized retreat, fleeing to the east on foot and in vehicles. The Marines pursued FEMA beyond “the Biden curtain” and past the Lahainaluna Mission Cemetery—where FEMA has allegedly buried victims’ bodies. They made a brief and fatal stand at the West Maui Natural Area reserve entrance. FEMA killed four Marines before its agents were dropped en masse, having been cut off from the rear by a Marine element that had, based on past battles in the area, predicted FEMA’s escape route.

“The Marines died valorously,” our source said. “We ain’t taking FEMA prisoners from the rank and file, only the key players. General Smith made it clear it’s weapons-free. Those bastards know damn well they’re following unlawful orders, and they’ll pay the price.”

On September 23, two Marines were killed and two others grievously burned when they breached a booby-trapped office building in Waikapu. White Hats had received intelligence saying the structure was a makeshift prison housing imprisoned children. Upon entering, the sprinkler system activated, dousing the Marines not with water but with kerosene. An unidentified ignition source set the room, and the Marines, ablaze.

“FEMA fights dishonorably, but we screwed the pooch on that one. It’s a habit to double and triple-check intel. This was a major screw-up,” our source said.

The Marines avenged their fallen brethren on September 27 when they intercepted a FEMA caravan fleeing Lahaina for Kahului Airport. An after-action assessment states Marines destroyed 14 federal vehicles and killed 56 FEMA personnel without losing a single Marine in the engagement.

“Our guys have spent the last few days chasing what’s left of FEMA. We haven’t got them all, but what’s left is cowering somewhere, waiting for reinforcements or help,” our source said.

That help, he added, would be the criminal Biden regime’s illegal Joint Task Force 5-0, a hodgepodge of Army and Air National Guardsmen devoted to the Deep State, which still threatens White Hat operations in the area.

In closing, we asked our source whether White Hats had captured FEMA Director Deanne Criswell and General Charles Flynn, commander, JTF 5-0.

“Not yet. We believe the coward Flynn left Hawaii. We’re following leads and won’t give up until the traitors are brought to justice,” he said. “President Trump has been apprised of the situation.”

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. White Hats Destroy FEMA’s EBS

By Michael Baxter -October 5, 2023

United States Army Rangers on Wednesday upset FEMA’s scheduled emergency broadcast and destroyed the central transmitter, but only after the wicked agency activated an alert that could have exposed patriots to federal harassment, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told R e a l R a w N e w s.

As reported last month, news that FEMA created a new emergency action system caught White Hats by surprise; they had captured FEMA’s Mount Weather stronghold and its EBS, in service since 1976, in March 2022 and did not think the agency had the manpower and resources to erect a replacement so swiftly, while the bulk of its leadership were drafting blueprints for smart FEMA camps and plotting to terrorize future victims of the upcoming hurricane seasons.

FEMA’s perfunctory announcement—the Deep State habitually telegraphs its intent—prompted the White Hat Council to orchestrate a massive hunt for the EBS’s control center and primary tower. The search, which paused missions in progress, required deploying thousands of boots on the ground as U.S. Army Cyber Command and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command diligently monitored Deep State chatter from D.C. to California and beyond.

And chatter they heard. A puzzling blend of incomprehensible babble meant to confound White Hat efforts. Throughout September, FEMA conspicuously mentioned 24 cities in 16 states; White Hats interpreted the unencrypted prattle as misdirection, red herrings aimed at forcing them to waste valuable time and assets. Nonetheless, General Smith sent troops to three alleged locations, which held traps—squads of trigger-happy FEMA goons eager to squeeze off a few rounds at valiant Marines. In each case, though, the Marines outsmarted the dimwitted feds, killing 36 in total and taking five prisoners, and in one engagement that took place in Roanoke, Virginia, a cowardly federal supervisor, the sole survivor of a blistering firefight, stood amid his bullet-filled comrades, windmilling his arms in the air, shouting, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I give up!”

White Hats aggressively interrogated the prisoners, but none, including the supervisor, admitted to knowing the location of the EBS.

“They didn’t know or were taught to resist interrogation. Waterboarding is effective, so we think they’re telling the truth,” our source said.

ARCYBER, he added, even intercepted a message claiming the EBS was in Ukraine, but Gen. Smith dismissed the idea as folly. Although the Deep State’s presence in Zelenskyy’s backyard is undeniable, FEMA has historically limited its operational scope to the United States and its protectorates.

In mid-September, federal “5th Columnists” approached the general’s office with the purported whereabouts of the EBS. However, their intel complicated the already exhausting search, for each of the four “5th Columnists” supplied contradictory details, leading White Hats to conclude the diabolical feds were intentionally seeding disinformation within their ranks, possibly to ferret out traitors among them. The locations were “the vicinities of” Denver, CO; Carrington, ND; Marietta, GA; and Baker City, OR.

Having no other concrete or anecdotal leads, Gen. Smith and the White Hat Council posted expeditionary forces from the Marine Corps and 75th Ranger Regiment in each city, while ARCYBER and White Hats at Space Force Command scrutinized satellite imagery for signs of recently built structures and cell towers.

“It was a shot in the dark since FEMA could easily repurpose existing ones,” our source said.

Meanwhile, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment flew surveillance missions over the four cities.

As the task force indefatigably continued the hunt, ARCYBER informed Gen. Smith that it could triangulate the transmission source and jam or terminate the signal, but only after FEMA initiated the test.

“So, our only choice is the worst. [FEMA Director] Deanne Criswell could use that thing to instigate a new Civil War,” Gen. Smith said.

Among the White Hat’s greatest fears was FEMA using the EBS to falsify a message from President Trump or the military encouraging patriots to immediately arm themselves, lock-and-load, and storm government buildings from coast-to-coast in response to the Biden regime’s declaration of Martial Law and national disarmament, entrapping them as it had done to J6ers. A certain now-discredited “5th Columnist” had told Gen. Smith the EBS would make “cellphones explode” and cause “brain hemorrhages.”

“While acoustic weapons are a reality, we’ve heard no reports of that happening,” our source said. “A far more likely scenario is the EBS causing phones to pingback GPS coordinates, install malicious software, that sort of nefarious activity. Contrary to online rumors, it would never cause a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, search efforts were futile, so we had to wait and hope for the best.”

FEMA’s EBS sent a screeching signal to millions of phones yesterday at 2:21 p.m. EST, but the chirping lasted only six seconds, not the 35 seconds for which FEMA had hoped. ARCYBER isolated and tracked the source to an electrical power substation two miles south of Golden, Colorado, and jammed the transmission. Twenty minutes later, four Ranger chalks descended on the substation, where FEMA agents masquerading as utility workers came dashing out of a maintenance building and a mobile command center. They ran straight into a hailstorm of gunfire from Rangers who had rappelled to the ground and from the door-gunner on an MH-60 Blackhawk.

When the smoke cleared, 17 FEMA agents lay dead in their own blood.

Rangers entered the building and demolished the transmitter, our source said.

FEMA’s engineers, he explained, had found a way to convert the substation’s complex maze of transformers, relays, conductors, and gridwork into a makeshift antenna that pulsed a 5G signal to nearby cell towers, starting the cycle.

“We were expecting a fortified bunker or subterranean fortress like at Mount Weather, you know, something that cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to make. But nope, they cobbled it together in the open and on the cheap, and that’s a problem because if they did it once, they could do it again,” our source said.

In closing, he said two Rangers sustained minor injuries and are expected to recover.

Edit: fixed repelled to rappelled. Thanks astute readers.

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