. Our Cosmic Origins (Ishmael Perez)

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. Georgia Stones Destroyed, All Monuments of Evil Falling, The New World Order is Crumbling (AA Michael)

Jul 10, 2022

, Know that as you move through each day, that you are creating the “New Gaia”

. We are creating the fall of the cabal, we are all working together on this in awaken and in sleep state.

. Yes there is a battle going on, working together with me Archangel Michael

. Yes indeed, you are going to see the fall of the cabal.

. Evil cannot exist in the higher vibrational frequencies.

. We are moving to a new phase, a new vibration.

. It is coming, it is destined, it is a part of all of us.

. Continue to be the warriors of light, who move in front of me and continue to show the way, for you are indeed; the way showers!

. The memories will be coming back. the rememberances. It IS coming, we have not been lying to you!

. “Saint John Wort” essential oil – ideal for anxiety. It will calm biologicaly your system down. Also “Caba-Caba” oil.

. Do not fear, President Trump is VERY well protected.

. Evil narratives are repeated, and after enough repetition, we begin believing it, and once we believe it, we begin to vibrate it. So do not listen to Cabal media, for it is a falsehood.

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. You Can Now Begin To Hear The Bells Of Freedom Once Again (Master Saint Germain)

Jul 3, 2022

– It is meant for the independence of the entire planet and all of the people on the planet.

– The United States: united, together as one, and bringing the entire world together, the entire planet. All of the people together as one.

– There is a force at work.

– And you can begin to hear the bells of freedom once again as the great bell sounds once again, calling for freedom across the world.

– Freedom is everywhere around you if you just but look for it.

– There are influxes of energies that are going to be coming in more and more, leading to the Great Solar Flash.

– Just as we are the Ascended Ones, you are becoming the Ascended Ones

– Those of the Alliance, those of the Resistance Force, that Cobra speaks about, all one in the same here we will say, they are in process of removing much of the detriment that is holding back the ascension of man.

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. Food & Beverage Brands That Contain – NANOBOTS

A brief story of the WEAPONIZING of food, for the absolute mind control of humanity ….

Nanobots are microscopic robot technology that may be activated remotely via satellite, to go to the desired part of the brain and stimulate accordingly.

So for example if Cabal with for you to feel safe about an specific vaccine, or to make you feel butterflies for an specific presidential candidate, these “Cabal controlled” food suppliers, would then distribute these nanobots through their channels, then these nanobots would travel to the pre-program parts of the brain they were programmed to travel to.

These nanobots would then be activated via satellite waves, to make you love or hate certain ideas or thoughts which would then be carefully coordinated messages, speeches, or shows on television.

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