. AA – Experiencing Altered State of Consciousness (Lord Sananda)

. Lord Sananda said that he comes to continue to bring forward the understanding of these times of great change.
. The energies are ramping up and your bodies are having difficulty at times with these energies.
. You are not having symptoms of old age or becoming sick or diseased.
. It is all happening as it needs to.
. You are all at the right place at the right time.
. Your higher self put you where you need to be.
. As the energies ramp up, they bring you forward into your power.
. When you find yourself outside the matrix, you can feel the energies exploding within you.
. The energies bring your bodies into altering states, a disassociation.
. You will have glimpses outside of this dimension into the higher dimensions.
. Your body is becoming lighter and less dense.
. You feel at times like you are floating above the earth.
. It will happen more and more at various times during the day or sleep time.
. Your dreams will be more vivid, more experiential.
. All of you are moving into a new phase of your awakening in the higher vibrations.
. You are remembering who you are more and more.
. It is not happening all at once but over a period of time.
. Others begin to experience the energies through you.
. Your light spreads further outside of your aura.
. Some may even say ‘ I see your Light.’ Be ready for this. This is coming.
. Continue to spread your Light as you move through your day to day experiences.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. We continue to bring you forward to new aspects of yourself.
. You are finding yourself experiencing who you are more deeply.
. The person who experienced a high vibration while on a swing near a favorite tree, the experience was much like a tuning fork. This was an attempt to tune the person to the frequency of the tree and of the earth to create a vibrational match.
. The person who described feeling a vibrational change in the chakras was experiencing the awakening in the kundalini.
. When the ankles and feet retain water, this is a physical response to circulation. The deeper response starting at the etheric level, trickling down to the physical body, indicates a fear of moving forward. Once the person reaches past this puzzle,, then the fluid in the ankles will be alleviated.
. In the process of ascension, the body that exists at the third dimension will be upgraded to the fifth vibrational level. The body will no longer have the physical attributes of the third dimension.
. A dog may have a high vibrational auric field and see into other dimensions. A dog may see beings that a human does not see.
The parting message was to continue moving forward in consciousness and to recognize your divine powers.
. Many will experience changes occuring in the physical body and things foreign to you.
. Those things of the third dimensional illusionary matrix imposed by the dark forces on the general population will not affect you as you are in the higher vibration.
. All that is happening by those of the dark forces is being mitigated by forces of Light such as the Alliance. They are counter-acting everything that the forces of darkness are doing.
. The human being is disassociating from the third dimensional vibrations of the body, not the body itself and must go toward the fifth dimensional matrix and plug into the fifth dimensional power of the body.
. It is a leap, a transformation that is occurring.

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