. The Christ Consciousness Grid

Jun 26, 2022

. Lord Sananda said that he comes to continue the process begun some time ago, even lifetimes before this, bringing you all together once again.
. You all belong to me as Sananda, as Yeshua.
. You are my flock. You are the ones I tend to.
. Know you are on the path to freedom within each of you.
. As you find this freedom within you, you will recognize the freedom outside of yourself as well to make your own choices, to live your life as you want it to be.
. No one can keep you from your chosen life path.
. You are remembering now who you are to the deepest levels of your being.
. When you have moments of pure euphoria, a sense of bliss within each moment, gone are all those things happening in the third dimensional illusion.
. In the blissful state, even for a moment, you are connecting to the Christ Consciousness Grid.
. There is only the rising of the dopamine that brings the joy within you.
. You can manufacture that anytime you want.
. You don’t need pills or drugs, only need your inner self to rise up within you.
. It is time for the illusion around you to collapse.
. You are seeing the signs of this.
. You have human bodies, feelings and thoughts. This, at times, pulls you back into the illusion.
. When you have heard that ‘nothing can stop what is coming’, this is the connection to this grid.
. You have all experienced this before.
. The times you came before to lead the way, to be wayshowers, are here now.
. Various events are in momentum right now.
. The truth shall be revealed.
. Because of every one of you connecting to this grid and building this grid, it is reverberating down onto the planet and raising the vibrations.
. The great solar flash is coming.
. You are all preparing for that.
. We have been preparing your astral, etheric, and physical bodies to withstand the energies coming in, gaining momentum.
. More and more energies are coming into the planet and anchoring the light within yourself and then spreading it to all areas of the planet consciously and unconsciously.
. You are the Light, the Love, the Truth, the I Am That I Am.
. The Source Consciousness within you, the Christ Consciousness within you is remembering itself within you.
. Next session, Saint Germain will be with you bringing you a special message of freedom during your Independence Day.
. We are here as one together to make it through this together to come fully into the Ascension process.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. You are in a program bringing you along to the next step: The connection to the Christ Consciousness Grid and the remembering of that connection.
. It is real. It will catapult all together as one as a planet. It is here now.
. Discussion of when a manifestation is made from human desire and when the manifestation is synchronized with one’s higher self:
You are already doing what you need to do. You need to believe. When you see it, you will create it. Be in the moment and create whatever you want. There is a buffer system that protects a person from some manifestations such as fear manifestations. The buffer system is fading away more and more. Because of the remembrance of the connection to the chrystalline grid, you will have more experience of immediate manifestation coming to you as you are able to handle it.
. Continued discussion regarding manifestation:
When a being is working on a power within them to manifest that which they desire, there cannot be a conflict about that. If one wishes to manifest something, it has to be a clear choice and a great focus that occurs within the being. Those who don’t achieve it are not clear about what they want. They are conflicted. It must be crystal clear what they wish to manifest and the focus must be on that until it occurs. Start with something small. Begin the process of learning the power you have within you.
. The goal of spirituality is to recognize the wholeness of the being you are, is to merge within the higher self.
. If the being is of a lower vibration, and not merging (with the higher self) then the manifestation won’t come into fruition. There is no conflict. There is a disconnect.
. Regarding the question about getting past a recurrent traumatic memory, the response was first to recognize the memory and secondly to accept it by allowing it to be and moving beyond it.
. Further explanation:
The patterns that one is born into in these incarnations are the patterns that wish to be broken.. This is how it works. When there is a pattern to be broken, the idea that you are conscious of the pattern creates the opportunity to break it. You will experience this again until it is fully resolved. When you pay attention to it, you empower it. Recognize it quickly. Do not participate in it. Walk away from it.
. Closing remarks: Keep remembering that everything that is happening is happening as it needs to in this moment.
. With that understanding, use this creative process to create the life ahead that you want to have.

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. The Christ Consciousness Grid (Lord Sananda)

Jun 26, 2022

– You are on the path to freedom.

– You are creating that freedom

– That there is nothing that can stop you from this

– When you are in that blissful state, even for a moment, you are indeed connecting to the crystalline grid, The Christ consciousness grid.

– It is time for the illusion that is all around you to collapse, to fall.

– The Great Solar Flash is coming.

– If one truly wishes to have something and to manifest it, it has to be clear, it has to be concise, and it has to be a great focus that occurred within the being.

– The goal of spirituality, and to recognize the wholeness of the being that you are, is to merge with the Higher Self.

– The patterns that one is born into in these incarnations are the patterns that wish to be broken.

– When there is a pattern to be broken that you call trauma, that traumatizes the being that you are, and maybe the beings around you, the idea that you are conscous of the pattern does create the opportunity to break it, you see.

– Everything that is happening is happening exactly as it needs to in this moment, and the next moment based on the moment previous to that, and every moment previous to that, and so on, creates the next and further moments on.

– Use this creative process to create the moments ahead and the life ahead that you want to have.

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. AA – Gamma Rays, The Photon Belt, and Higher Energies (Archangel Michael)

Jun 20, 2022

. Archangel Michael said that he brings information and Love.
. As everything around you continues to create turmoil, know that you are safe within the matrix and the illusion.
. You are all still part of the illusion but not the illusion itself.
. The analogy is the computer operating system that started simple and continues to upgrade over a period of time.
. As Gaia upgraded her operating system into the fifth dimensional space and higher, it is holding a place to still work within.
. You are upgrading your own physical, astral, and etheric bodies.
. The gamma rays are coming into this planet.
. The entire solar system is moving through the photon belt bringing Light and Love back.
. It is happening all around you and within you. You must always remember that.
. You are in the earth but you are not of the earth.
. You came from long ago and far away to be part of this earth experiment.
. The experiment has come to an end.
. The forces of darkness cannot control those who will not be controlled.
. You are here to open the doorways and windows for others to follow after you.
. You are the expression, the light, the way, and the truth.
. Know that first within yourself, then to express it to all of those ready to hear the message of truth.
. Continue to trust that all is in motion.
. All is exactly as it needs to be in each moment.
. This is the plan and you are all part of this plan.
. Trust in yourselves and those bringing you forward along the path for ascension.
. I have watched over you for countless eons of time.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. You are moving into a period of peace on the planet, the entire solar system and the galaxy.
. You are in the end times that predict the great awakening.
. A time of peace that is so pure creates an extremely high vibration within the environment where beings reside.
. The vibrations are so high, the cabal will have disappeared.
. The change-over appears to be a lengthy process but it is actually quite rapid.
. You are taking (what has been a) millenia of time to reverse everything, to bring down the house of cards of the cabal.
. Be of good cheer even though it appears negative for the old system to be gone and the new system to be born.
. The way to bring about a world of love, compassion and peace is to see the world that way.
. The cabal want you to believe they are winning. They want you to cower in fear.
. The cabal are doing everything they can to hold you back from Ascension.
. Once it is fully in swing, they (the cabal) have no way to exist here.
. Have no fear. Everything is indeed happening as it needs to.
. Those of your media are in the process of a change-over.
. People are not listening to them anymore.
. The forces of Light are taking over the media.
. The entire media will eventually be taken down.
. There is a huge movement to tell the truth.
. The old avenues are being overshadowed by truth sayers.
. The mainstream is dying. This is not any longer having power over most of you.
. Everything is going in a quantum direction.
. The financial system will be quantum. The internet will be quantum internet.
. One day you will wake up and you will wonder what happened to the old world.
. It will be gone.
. Know that you are in the right place at the right time ready to share your Light as the need arises when the need arises.
. Indeed the need will be arising very soon.

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. Urgent – Take Your Kids Out of School !!!

Dear Friends,

It’s not uncommon to record hundreds of hours of interviews for a single feature length documentary film. So what happens with all the unused footage? Often times, nothing. I’ve interviewed so many extraordinary people for Pl@ndemic 3: The Great Awakening that I’ve decided to release a series of long form interviews.

First up, the brilliant Dr. Mark McDonald. Dr. McDonald is a respected psychiatrist who has been working intimately with kids and adults in California. It was the inventor of MRNA vaccine technology, Dr. Robert Malone, who was adamant that I meet and interview Dr. McDonald. We were less than 5 minutes into the interview when I realized why Dr. Malone was so insistent to make this connection. 

Dr. McDonald is a daily witness to the harm being done by all the new social ideologies that are rapidly infiltrating our educational curriculums. He pulls no punches when describing the disturbing decline in his patients ability to navigate reality and relationships. Of the 40 plus interviews I’ve conducted this year alone, this one has helped me to better navigate this crazy moment in history.  

If you find Dr. McDonald’s insights valuable, please share this interview with anyone who might benefit from his rare wisdom. 

Thank you for caring and sharing!Mikki & Team Pl@ndemicP.S. Wake up your friends! Share my Free Audiobook with everyone you know. They might just thank you.

. AA – The Light Of Truth And Oneness Is Spreading

Jun 12, 2022

. Saint Germain said that I come to be with you in these changing moments.
. Everything around you is happening even if you are not fully aware of all that is occuring.
. And that is my purpose.
. Those asleep would not be able to handle the great influx of truth coming out all at once.
. It must be doled out over a period of time.
. Momentum is happening now.
. Everything is moving forward at a pace that is far beyond what all of us believed is possible on this planet.
. It is time for the Light of Truth and Oneness to spread across the planet.
. As a collective, you came as one Love, one Light.
. Remember to find yourselves in the higher vibrations.
. Do what you learned to do to raise your vibrations.
. Ask for assistance.
. Go out in Nature. Find yourselves surrounded by crystals.
. Take deep breaths. Use affirmations and mantras you learned.
. As you find joy in that moment, you are raising the vibrations around you.
. As you raise the vibrations all around you, those in proximity of you are raised in vibration even if they are not consciously aware of it.
. There are millions of you that are raising the vibrations and spreading the Light.
. Know this.
. You are part of this great plan. It cannot be done without you.
. Trust that all is happening as it needs to even though it does not appear to be at times.
. You find yourselves, at times, falling into the trap of fear, low vibrational anxiety and distress.
. Even though you fall, at times, you are quick to raise yourself up.
. The great awakening is all about you and the change-over you are all bringing forward.
. Trust in yourselves to be where you need to be at the right time.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. It is quite important that we work with you to be the ones spreading the Light everywhere.
. Response to the person who sees two earths intertwined: This indeed is the birthing of the new earth coming into formation.
. Response to the person seeing auras around trees and plants: You are experiencing glimpses of other dimensional frequencies. The more conscious awareness you have, the more it will increase. Ask yourself: what is the meaning of this auric field and why is it being shown to me. When you strengthen the ability to see auras, you will see ways to assist where you have not been able to assist before.
. A question for clarification was presented that according to Charlie Ward, Jesus has reincarnated as a six year old in Australia, The response was that: this is not completely accurate. There is an indication that it is not Yeshua (Jesus) but an aspect of him. He has a mission and it will come to fruition at a certain point when the vibration is correct for this to occur.
. The return of the Christ is not the return of Yeshua(Jesus) directly.
. The Christ returning is all of you.

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. We Should Not Kill Cows, Cow Is Our Second Mother

The cow is our mother
She gives us her milk after first mother no longer can.
So how can we kill her and eat her?
This crime must now totally be banned.

And if your compassion I can somehow arouse,
I’ll convince you that we should not kill cows. 

As you sow, so shall you reap. The meaning’s not cheap.
What goes around surely comes around.
Cruelty begets cruelty. That’s what we’re now doing.
The carnage now profusely abounds.

And if your compassion I can somehow arouse,
I’ll convince you that we should not kill cows.   We butcher the cow and feast on her meat
ignoring her suffering and pain
wondering why so many mass shootings.
The connection escapes our dull brains.

And if your compassion I can somehow arouse,
I’ll convince you that we should not kill cows. 

And if your compassion I can somehow arouse,
I’ll convince you that we should not kill cows. 

(Completed on 12 June 2022)   Do any of you think that I should turn this into a song?  ……………….. Sankarshan Das Adhikari
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. AA – Experiencing Altered State of Consciousness (Lord Sananda)

. Lord Sananda said that he comes to continue to bring forward the understanding of these times of great change.
. The energies are ramping up and your bodies are having difficulty at times with these energies.
. You are not having symptoms of old age or becoming sick or diseased.
. It is all happening as it needs to.
. You are all at the right place at the right time.
. Your higher self put you where you need to be.
. As the energies ramp up, they bring you forward into your power.
. When you find yourself outside the matrix, you can feel the energies exploding within you.
. The energies bring your bodies into altering states, a disassociation.
. You will have glimpses outside of this dimension into the higher dimensions.
. Your body is becoming lighter and less dense.
. You feel at times like you are floating above the earth.
. It will happen more and more at various times during the day or sleep time.
. Your dreams will be more vivid, more experiential.
. All of you are moving into a new phase of your awakening in the higher vibrations.
. You are remembering who you are more and more.
. It is not happening all at once but over a period of time.
. Others begin to experience the energies through you.
. Your light spreads further outside of your aura.
. Some may even say ‘ I see your Light.’ Be ready for this. This is coming.
. Continue to spread your Light as you move through your day to day experiences.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana responded to questions. Highlights below.
. We continue to bring you forward to new aspects of yourself.
. You are finding yourself experiencing who you are more deeply.
. The person who experienced a high vibration while on a swing near a favorite tree, the experience was much like a tuning fork. This was an attempt to tune the person to the frequency of the tree and of the earth to create a vibrational match.
. The person who described feeling a vibrational change in the chakras was experiencing the awakening in the kundalini.
. When the ankles and feet retain water, this is a physical response to circulation. The deeper response starting at the etheric level, trickling down to the physical body, indicates a fear of moving forward. Once the person reaches past this puzzle,, then the fluid in the ankles will be alleviated.
. In the process of ascension, the body that exists at the third dimension will be upgraded to the fifth vibrational level. The body will no longer have the physical attributes of the third dimension.
. A dog may have a high vibrational auric field and see into other dimensions. A dog may see beings that a human does not see.
The parting message was to continue moving forward in consciousness and to recognize your divine powers.
. Many will experience changes occuring in the physical body and things foreign to you.
. Those things of the third dimensional illusionary matrix imposed by the dark forces on the general population will not affect you as you are in the higher vibration.
. All that is happening by those of the dark forces is being mitigated by forces of Light such as the Alliance. They are counter-acting everything that the forces of darkness are doing.
. The human being is disassociating from the third dimensional vibrations of the body, not the body itself and must go toward the fifth dimensional matrix and plug into the fifth dimensional power of the body.
. It is a leap, a transformation that is occurring.

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