. AA – The Paths Are Diverging (AA Michael)

. Archangel Michael said that he comes as things are changing.
. Many do not understand the changes coming for the Light.
. The truth is coming. As you go forward, the path is diverging.
. You were destined to be on the path to Ascension.
. Others are following the path they must travel.
. Give them space to live their path.
. Don’t try to convince anyone who is not ready for it.
. They want to be in their comfort zones.
. When they awaken, they will move to the path you are on.
. Diverging paths is what is happening now.
. More will break free from the matrix.
. Be patient with them and with yourselves.
. The momentum is leading to a great crescendo.
. One Who Serves and Shoshana were present. Highlights below.
. Everything is speeding up to the finish line.
. Things will heat up as the truth comes forward.
. Members of this group are sometimes trapped in the matrix.
. Other times they are more alive in the higher reality of their being.
. You are where you feel you are, in the place you need to be.
. You are less and less in the third dimension.
. The cabal are being detained and this will continue.
. The change-over is dependent on the consciousness of man rising.
. The flood gates shall open. The truth will come flooding out.
. The solar flash is the prelude to full Ascension.
. Those who are ready will be catapulted into the changes.

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